Turn your landing page into a money magnet

Turn your landing page into a money magnet

Getting the most from your landing pages

Explaining how for many brands, they could actually replace the website as the go-to online catchment area for potential customers.

In this article, we will look a little closer at landing pages, and ask how we can optimise them.

A simple, uncluttered layout

As we explained previously, a landing page should make visitor engagement as easy as possible, and this is certainly the case when it comes to designing the layout. Think simple, uncluttered, and consider the use of contrasting colours to make the various elements really stand out. Remember that the centrepiece of your design, where you want eyes to fall, is the call to action.

Present the offer clearly

Whether you are offering the visitor information, contact details, a media download, an invitation, or discount – you should make this offer as clear as possible on your landing page. A visitor must know what they can expect to receive, and what you expect of them – whether that is a phone call, entering an email address, or signing up for a newsletter.

Include the ‘hook’ above the fold

Above the fold refers to the part of the on-screen page which is visible without needing to scroll down further. Don’t make the visitor have to look any further for the information which you want them to see. Ensure all the key elements of the page are above the fold, and if you really need to, include less important elements further down the page.

Prioritise your call to action button

Whether you are asking a visitor to “click here”, “call us”, “download here” or “book now” – the same principle should be adhered to when it comes to call to action buttons – keep them straight forward and make them as visible as possible. Steer away from any complex details or elaborate language, get straight to the point, and direct all the page’s ‘energy’ towards the call to action button.

Take the time to fine-tune your landing page, as it can act as a significant conversion hub for your online campaigns.

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