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What It Means For Your Business?

If you’re a business owner aiming for growth and success in the digital era, Social Status is your ideal partner. Our team of professionals is proficient in harnessing the potential of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to effectively reach your desired audience and boost your brand.

By crafting a personalised social media strategy tailored to your business requirements, Social Status can enhance customer engagement, drive more leads, and streamline your efforts, all while saving you valuable time.

We’ll assist you in leveraging top-notch strategies such as influencer marketing, contests, and paid advertising to elevate your brand’s visibility and impact.

With our unwavering dedication to responsiveness and interaction, Social Status will facilitate the cultivation of strong customer relationships, showcasing your commitment to valuing their feedback.

Each year, Australian companies spend billions of dollars on social media advertising. In today’s landscape, social media drives more advertising spend than traditional platforms such as TV, radio and print.

Given that most Australians use and engage on social media platforms, they remain an evergreen option for getting your business and its products or services in front of sizeable audiences.

What is Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising, as offered by Social Status, covers any facet of social media where you’re paying to run custom ads or to boost the reach of a post. 

Common forms of social media advertising can include the following:

  • Boosted posts – increase the reach and visibility of a traditional organic post to a target audience of your choosing
  • In-line ads – ads that appear within the same main feed or timeline of a social network as organic posts do
  • Sidebar ads – depending on the social media platform, you can create text-based and display ads that will appear to the side of major pages (e.g. main feed, profile pages, etc.)
  • Promoted trends and hashtags – an advertising option available on X (F.K.A. Twitter)
  • Message ads – an advertising option that allows you to send direct message ads to users (a popular option on LinkedIn)


These are just some that are commonly used across various social media platforms. In all instances, advertising requires you to spend money to reach specific audiences and enable desired outcomes (clicks, conversions, purchases, page likes, etc.).

What are the Benefits of Social Media Advertising?

In general, social media advertising costs are more flexible and affordable than the advertising costs associated with traditional channels such as TV, radio, and print. 

You have far more control over how much you spend and will be provided with clear estimates of what to expect, cost-wise. Because campaign costs can be controlled at all times and adjusted as needed, you won’t needlessly waste money.

Because social media is driven by user data, it means businesses can be hyper-specific with who they target. 

Audience isn’t just a matter of age ranges or gender, but of expressed interests, location (and micro-locations), relationship status, sexuality, job position, previous pages and posts they’ve engaged with, and much more.

Targeting with social media ads is granular, with the ability to filter and refine to a degree that has never been possible with most other media channels. 

It means your money goes directly towards reaching those you want to reach, rather than paying to reach a nebulous group of individuals who may or may not be aligned with what you’re offering.

Another key benefit of social media advertising is that you have access to metrics that are up-to-date at almost any time. 

Whether an ad campaign has been running for two days or two weeks, you can regularly jump in to see how it’s performing, whether the right people are taking the desired action and, by extension, if there’s anything about your ad that may need addressing. 

You can update your ads as needed and make real-time adjustments whenever the situation calls for it.

Why You Need a Social Media Advertising Strategy

To get the most out of any social media advertising you do, you want to have a concrete strategy in place. A strategy allows you to map out the objectives you have with advertising and the budget you’re working with.

It also provides room to assess each social network and determine where your money is best spent. For example, if you specialise in B2B services, then a professional network like LinkedIn is more likely to yield better results for you than running ads on recreational social networks like Facebook or TikTok.

A strong social media strategy lays the groundwork for success, which we can help with.

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Why Choose Social Status for Social Media Advertising?

Working ads into your social media efforts is a worthwhile investment, but it’s a process that can take plenty of time and effort to maintain.

Social Status is well-versed in social media advertising, having helped businesses reach millions of people, grow their followers by tens of thousands, and see substantial returns on their investments. You check out our success stories for more information. 

We cover all of your social media advertising needs, from strategy to execution and real-time optimisation.

Social Status draws from years of industry experience and expertise, providing extensive social media services so businesses have the time to grow and succeed.

To get started, get in touch today by calling (03) 9682 6470 or emailing josh@socialstatus.com.au. We’re based in Melbourne and provide our social media advertising services to businesses Australia-wide.

Nice Words

From Our Clients

Social Status took over our social media & the results were immediate! Our Facebook page reached 200,000 more people that month, our website traffic tripled & it wasn’t just ‘more clicks’, it was more enquiries. Their team is great to deal with, keep me in the loop & respond quickly 24/7. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any business, just not our competitors!

Mel Fato
Mel Fato

Brand Manager RT Edgar

The team at Social Status has been a great asset to our business & has significantly grown our social media community across all platforms. Shortly after engaging them to manage Gray-Nicolls, we put our 5 other brands in their capable hands off the back of their amazing work.

Michael Reed
Michael Reed

Head of marketing - Gray Nicolls Sports

Famous Insurance has been working with Social Status for over 3 years! They've driven our Social Media Marketing from the beginning, helping us overtake long-established competitors & dominate the space. We would highly recommend them and look forward to more great years ahead!

Andrew Gibson
Andrew Gibson

General Manager - Famous Insurance

I couldn’t recommend Social Status more highly to any real estate agencies looking to expand their social presence. Their engagement with our office and commitment to providing us a high-quality service is second to none. Their tactics & technical skills were exactly what we needed to get the edge on our local competitors and position ourselves as market leaders.

Nick Walker
Nick Walker

RT Edgar Hawthorn - Director

Prior to commencing our relationship with Social Status, Ultra Tune had a Facebook following of a couple of thousand & no other social media assets to speak of. Fast forward two years and they have built our Facebook following to nearly 450,000 people, as well as a substantial Instagram & Twitter following.

Rod Cedaro
Rod Cedaro

National Marketing Manager - Ultra Tune

I was initially sceptical about the effectiveness of Facebook & Instagram ads in driving measurable revenue growth. The Strategy Social Status implemented for us drove over $1,000 per day in online orders almost immediately!


Owner of Miyagi

As a café, we typically rely on local foot traffic & word of mouth to deliver sales. I took a chance on Social Status during COVID to help us reach a wider audience & increase our customer base. We expected $100 in sales when launching online & did $800 the first night! Blown away with the results & how they were able to leverage the support of our local community.


Co-owner Good Times Milk Bar

We went into COVID with 120 online clients, lost and confused with how to attack the coming months. We chose to push on and keep marketing active, focusing on engaging & building our community. We grew to 185 members in 6wks with the help of the Social Status team! We are now thriving in this difficult time Thanks so much for the continued support.


Owner - BFT Bendigo

Early Settler has enjoyed a long & prosperous relationship with Social Status. Over the last few years, they've driven the growth of our Social Media community to over 200,000 followers. More importantly, their advertising strategies delivered over $4 million in online sales in the last 12 months. They’re a joy to work with, always go the extra mile, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Doni Davies
Doni Davies

Marketing Manager - Early Settler Furniture

Social Status are highly collaborative in their approach, which makes partnering with them effortless. We’ve worked on multiple projects, ranging from targeted niche audiences to hard-to-reach regional communities. Their pragmatic advice on what’s achievable within a budget or timeline, makes it easier for me to manage client expectations. I highly recommend discussing your next project with them!

Lisa Cooper
Lisa Cooper

Research Director at IPSOS

Body Fit Training has been working with Social Status since 2017, they've played a major part in the growth of our Social Media, our brand and franchise network. They’re our preferred marketing supplier and we strongly recommend them to all Franchisees.

Richard Burnett
Richard Burnett

Body Fit Training

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