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A Marketing Agency that exists to help brands succeed in the always-evolving world of Social Media.

We’re passionate about helping you leverage Social to generate tangible results, unlike traditional marketing that can’t be measured.

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Take Your Social Media Marketing Strategy
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Take Your Social To The Next Level​

At Social Status, we know social media is the king of all marketing channels these days. No other platform has billions of active users you can reach at any time. When you nail your social strategy, the success you can achieve is massive, way beyond anything other platforms can offer.

But how do you get the most out of social? That’s where we come in. 

As a Melbourne-based social media marketing agency, we’re all about helping businesses in our city and around Australia crush their social presence. 

By running social media campaigns that combine powerful tactics, we can help you reap the benefits. Check out these tactics below:

Content Creation

Let's work together to design a kick-ass social media content creation strategy that reaches and resonates with your desired audience. 

Our team has the best content creators around and they’ll help your business stand out against an ocean of competition. The content we produce is all killer, no filler!

Social Media Posting

Create buzz around your business by regularly putting content out across your social channels. We’ll map out a game plan with you and determine which posts work with your crowd.

We can handle the posting schedule and make changes based on performance. And if you’re not feeling what we’re putting out there, no stress! We’ll tweak the posts until we nail the vibe you want for your brand.

Post Boosting

Boost your best social media posts to reach thousands of the right people every day. Target your desired audience, boost the posts that get people talking, and watch your customers and prospects grow.

Pair your post boosting with targeted advertising and you’ll be firing on all cylinders. We’ll help you make it happen.

Community Management

No one wants an unruly community. We’ll keep your customers and prospects happy with top-notch community management.

We can help you manage your audience by monitoring your social media accounts daily. We’ll respond to comments and messages and let you know if notable issues or concerns pop up.

Social Media Photo & Video Shoots

A little bit of style goes a long way for photos and videos.

Our awesome team of photographers and videographers know how to deliver style in spades! We’ll snap amazing photos and videos of your product or service that you can show off on social media and your website.

Influencer Marketing

Work with online influencers and get your business in front of brand-new audiences with thousands of engaged users.

We’ll hook you up with an influencer who’s the perfect fit for your brand and work with them to create content their audience will love. They’ll spread the word, and you’ll rake in more sales.

Our Work

Explore Our Social Media Management Services

Facebook Management

Build a strong foundation on the biggest media channel to ever exist

Instagram Management

Promote your brand through visual & creative content to build your following

LinkedIn Management

Ensure staff, partners & clients are connected and engaged with your business

TikTok Management

The future of social, short-form video content with impressive organic reach

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Why Choose Social Status As Your Social Media Marketing Agency?

At Social Status, we get it – an agency is only as good as the passion and expertise of its people. We thrive on the unique challenges and opportunities social media throws our way, helping businesses crush their growth and success goals.

  • Dedicated to social media excellence since 2015, serving businesses of all sizes and sectors.
  • Our amazing team includes copywriters, content creators, strategists, digital ad pros, photographers, and videographers.
  • We guarantee results: if your social media reach doesn’t surge 5 to 10 times in 3 months, you pay nothing.
  • With strong ties to Australia’s top influencers, we offer unique marketing solutions beyond your average agency.
  • We create strategies to ensure your brand shines in the digital landscape.


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Social Status

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We’re one of the most established Social Agencies, trusted by hundreds of brands & with a track record of success.
Our team of experts become an extension of your business & treat it like it’s their own.

Professional Team

A whole team of Strategists, Content Creators & Copywriters working on your brand


8+ years of success, delivering results for brands in every industry big & small

Success Guaranteed

We will 5-10X your social media reach in the first 3 months or you don’t pay


How Social Media Marketing Can Grow Your Business

Social media marketing is all about using social networking platforms to connect with your audience, build brand awareness, drive website traffic, and crank up sales. It’s about creating and sharing content on social networks to hit your marketing and branding goals.

Whatever your business’s goals are, social media is a crucial piece of the digital marketing puzzle. Good social media marketing doesn’t just amp up your business’s overall social presence; it also supercharges all other aspects of your online marketing and brand reputation.

Honestly, this all depends on what your business does and who your target audience is. A simple example is a B2B company: LinkedIn would be a more fitting option than TikTok.

Popular networks to consider include Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok. Go for the platforms you’re confident your audience is the most active and responsive to messaging.

Good strategies are all about those initial steps and making changes over time. In general, you’ll want to account for the following: 

  • The goals you want to smash
  • Nailing your target audience
  • Choosing the right platforms
  • Creating killer content
  • Scheduling posts consistently
  • Analysing performance metrics regularly


Adjust your strategy based on the data you get. If you see that certain content doesn’t get much love from your audience, tweak that content or try different approaches that work better.

Remember, social media marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t sweat it if you have to change things up over time.

Content should be diverse and tailored to each platform – for example, focusing on short-form video for TikTok. Mix it up with images, videos, infographics, and text. Focus on storytelling, user-generated content, and running polls to boost engagement. 

Keep your content balanced. Blend promotional posts with content that educates, entertains, and engages your audience.

You’ll find that a mix of content grabs your audience’s attention over the long haul. This keeps your business top-of-mind for your target audience, helping you convert and retain them.

Common go-to solutions to increasing reach and engagement on social media include the following: 

  • Post often to keep your business visible and maintain a strong online presence.
  • Use relevant hashtags to join broader social media conversations and keep your content on theme.
  • Team up with influencers to tap into new audiences who’ll vibe with your message.
  • Run contests to score more attention and boost your lead-gen game.
  • Respond to comments to build better relationships with prospects and customers and foster long-term connections.


Engaging content and timely responses are the secret sauce to boosting reach and overall interaction. Keep up a strong social presence using these strategies, and you’ll score a growing, engaged audience that’s more likely to interact and do business with you.

An engaged audience means more conversions and sales.

Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging!

At Social Status, we aim to respond to all quote requests within 1-2 hours. We provide you with a free quote so you can assess if our services are the right fit for your business. 

You can also give us a call at (03) 9682 6470 if you want to talk shop. We’re happy to shoot the breeze.

You bet! Our services aren’t just exclusive to businesses looking to implement new strategies. 

If you’ve already got a social media strategy in place, it’s no issue! We can do a full audit and give you insights into what you could be doing differently with Social Status.

We’ll show you where the gaps are in your current strategy and how our team can help you crush them.

We live and breathe social media at Social Status. 

Unlike those agencies that try to juggle everything and have things slip through the cracks, we laser-focus on social media to make sure you get the best solutions for your business.

With our all-in, dedicated social media marketing services, we can help your business tackle any challenges that come your way. 

Whether you need help with a few posts or you want us to manage your entire social media presence, we’re the team that can get it done – and we love what we do!

With decades of combined experience and tons of success stories since we launched in 2015, our social media marketing solutions deliver the goods.

Got questions? We’re happy to answer! Get in touch with the Social Status team by emailing josh@socialstatus.com.au or giving us a call at (03) 9682 6470.

Nice Words

From Our Clients

Social Status took over our social media & the results were immediate! Our Facebook page reached 200,000 more people that month, our website traffic tripled & it wasn’t just ‘more clicks’, it was more enquiries. Their team is great to deal with, keep me in the loop & respond quickly 24/7. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any business, just not our competitors!

Mel Fato
Mel Fato

Brand Manager RT Edgar

The team at Social Status has been a great asset to our business & has significantly grown our social media community across all platforms. Shortly after engaging them to manage Gray-Nicolls, we put our 5 other brands in their capable hands off the back of their amazing work.

Michael Reed
Michael Reed

Head of marketing - Gray Nicolls Sports

Famous Insurance has been working with Social Status for over 3 years! They've driven our Social Media Marketing from the beginning, helping us overtake long-established competitors & dominate the space. We would highly recommend them and look forward to more great years ahead!

Andrew Gibson
Andrew Gibson

General Manager - Famous Insurance

I couldn’t recommend Social Status more highly to any real estate agencies looking to expand their social presence. Their engagement with our office and commitment to providing us a high-quality service is second to none. Their tactics & technical skills were exactly what we needed to get the edge on our local competitors and position ourselves as market leaders.

Nick Walker
Nick Walker

RT Edgar Hawthorn - Director

Prior to commencing our relationship with Social Status, Ultra Tune had a Facebook following of a couple of thousand & no other social media assets to speak of. Fast forward two years and they have built our Facebook following to nearly 450,000 people, as well as a substantial Instagram & Twitter following.

Rod Cedaro
Rod Cedaro

National Marketing Manager - Ultra Tune

I was initially sceptical about the effectiveness of Facebook & Instagram ads in driving measurable revenue growth. The Strategy Social Status implemented for us drove over $1,000 per day in online orders almost immediately!


Owner of Miyagi

As a café, we typically rely on local foot traffic & word of mouth to deliver sales. I took a chance on Social Status during COVID to help us reach a wider audience & increase our customer base. We expected $100 in sales when launching online & did $800 the first night! Blown away with the results & how they were able to leverage the support of our local community.


Co-owner Good Times Milk Bar

We went into COVID with 120 online clients, lost and confused with how to attack the coming months. We chose to push on and keep marketing active, focusing on engaging & building our community. We grew to 185 members in 6wks with the help of the Social Status team! We are now thriving in this difficult time Thanks so much for the continued support.


Owner - BFT Bendigo

Early Settler has enjoyed a long & prosperous relationship with Social Status. Over the last few years, they've driven the growth of our Social Media community to over 200,000 followers. More importantly, their advertising strategies delivered over $4 million in online sales in the last 12 months. They’re a joy to work with, always go the extra mile, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Doni Davies
Doni Davies

Marketing Manager - Early Settler Furniture

Social Status are highly collaborative in their approach, which makes partnering with them effortless. We’ve worked on multiple projects, ranging from targeted niche audiences to hard-to-reach regional communities. Their pragmatic advice on what’s achievable within a budget or timeline, makes it easier for me to manage client expectations. I highly recommend discussing your next project with them!

Lisa Cooper
Lisa Cooper

Research Director at IPSOS

Body Fit Training has been working with Social Status since 2017, they've played a major part in the growth of our Social Media, our brand and franchise network. They’re our preferred marketing supplier and we strongly recommend them to all Franchisees.

Richard Burnett
Richard Burnett

Body Fit Training

Our 6 simple steps to drive real results on social media


Our 6 Simple Steps to Drive REAL Results on Social Media

After investing 8 years in learning, we’re excited to share our hard-won insights in this e-book. Within its pages, discover a straightforward strategy that ensures tangible and authentic results on Social Media. This resource is a testament to our dedication, offering a proven roadmap to demystify the complexities of the digital landscape. More than just a guide, it’s a transformative tool empowering individuals and businesses to thrive online.

Our 6 simple steps to drive real results on social media
Our 6 simple steps to drive real results on social media