The Art of Targeted Advertising on Social Media


The Art of Audience Targeting and Paid Social Media Advertising

One of the most powerful techniques in social media advertising is targeted advertising. This form of advertising, offered by Social Status, is all about delivering precise and relevant content to small, well-defined target audiences. Paid advertising helps brands leverage consumer data and invest in a campaign that is easier to monitor, more precise and much more cost-effective. In this blog, we explore the world of targeted advertising and why it is so effective in digital marketing. 

Understanding Targeted Advertising

Paid social media advertising is a promotional technique that helps brands reach a very specific group of consumers. Targeted ads use data analytics, surveys and more to create efficient promotional plans that reach the right people.  Benefits of Targeted Advertising:
  • Deliver personalised ads to the right people instead of casting a wide net 
  • Well-defined consumer groups allow brands to streamline marketing plans 
  • Build better brand awareness and improve perception by reaching the right people 
  • Use consumer data to spend less and improve returns

How To Find Your Target Audience on Social Media

So, what’s the first step? Let’s discuss.

Marketing Personas

Using data from marketing and sales teams, brands can improve social media ad targeting by creating marketing personas that act as composites of key audience segments. Details such as age, gender, education, income and location help brands identify the likes, dislikes and preferences of a customer group. 

Paid Social Media Advertising Tools 

Targeted social media advertising is only as good as the tools that support it. A sound digital marketing analysis requires brands to use tools like Google Analytics as well as audience insight features offered by social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Google Analytics helps you understand customer preferences, while other platforms let you enter relevant data to find the right audience. 

Conduct Surveys

It’s not all about data analytics tools. Another great way to identify a target audience is to conduct polls and surveys that help you understand consumer likes and dislikes. 

How to Reach a Target Audience on Social Media

Once you know your audience, it’s time to create effective content and messaging in which every word, image and emotion is carefully chosen. Personalisation is everything here, so if you’re an outdoor apparel company, appeal to your customer’s insatiable need for adventure. If you’re an F&B brand looking for inroads into a new market, your messaging could incorporate specific flavours and cultural celebrations that people are likely to resonate with.  Contact Social Status for expert advice on data driven social media advertising. 

Maximising Ad Performance

Social media ad targeting has the added benefit of being measurable. With metrics like click-through rates, conversation rates and return on ad spend are powerful ways to understand how effective the campaign is and obtain better insights into A/B testing. This allows brands to tweak their tone, sharpen their target audience personas and revisit ad expenditure more often. 

Techniques for Precise Social Media Targeting in Melbourne 

Effective targeted advertising is about understanding what sets your business apart from the others, gaining insight into the demographics of customers you are most likely to appeal to, and the use of powerful analytics tools to improve your aim when launching a campaign. Contact Social Status online for more information on how targeted ads can help your brand, or get in touch for a quote on our digital marketing services.

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