Behind the Lens: Mastering Photo & Video Shoots


Behind the Lens: Mastering Photo & Video Content for Social Media

With hundreds of millions of active users on online platforms, it’s more challenging than ever to stand out and be memorable. While social media strategies place great importance on text, tone and messaging, it is equally important to develop a well-thought out, technical and unique photo and video style to complement your brand image. In this blog, Social Status explores the various ways to develop your visual language, as well as tips on how to take professional photos for social media.

Video Vs Photo

The first thing to do, before learning how to take photos for social media, is to decide whether your content should be a photo or a video. A general guideline when choosing between photos and videos is to use video when in motion, photo when static.  If something you want to share online involves motion, switch to video and let the magic happen. Photography as a technique is better for static moments with groups of people, stationary objects, landscapes and skylines. 

How to Take Photos for Social Media: Practice Storytelling

The right photo dimensions for social media contribute to digital marketing success just as much as the right aspect ratio for social media videos. What really matters to the consumer, however, is a genuine story that lets them into the world of the content creator. Photos and videos are powerful ways to tell stories through simple, thoughtful images. After all, what is a narrative, if not a deeply personal way to present a series of events?  So, whether you are a fast food chain, a boutique clothing store or a tech influencer, take the time to identify your story, the characters in it, the motivation behind what you do and the world you inhabit…then tell the world all about it! 

Develop Your Brand’s Visual Language 

Most cutting-edge brands today have access to DSLR cameras and powerful post-production suites, so is there a way to stand out even when technology levels the playing field? Social Status recommends expressing your unique perspective as a brand by developing a consistent aesthetic across photo and video. This means coming up with creative, subtle ways to incorporate brand logo and colours, unique filming and editing techniques that immediately identify your brand, and themes that align with your product. Remember, while the right photo dimensions for social media will help your digital marketing campaign, an instantly recognisable brand language should be the priority.

Mastering the Basics 

Ultimately, creating video content for social media is about practice and passion. Whether you’re using a smart phone or a DSLR, mastering your equipment is everything. The best advice? Keep shooting, keep filming, and look for ways to organise your photo and video files so you can sort through them later. Digital cameras and post production suites give you unprecedented flexibility over what you can do to an image. Knowing the right aspect ratio for Facebook, Instagram and TikTok videos is just as important as familiarising yourself with long exposures, basic lighting, filters and effects.

We Can Teach You How to Take Professional Photos for Social Media 

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