Maximising Account Management for Social Media Success


Maximising Account Management for Social Media Branding Success 

Optimising social media accounts and implementing diverse strategies to maximise online presence is critical to business growth in today’s world. Whether you are a premium lifestyle brand or a company providing important electrical and plumbing services, a successful social media plan can help you meet your business goals. Explore the best ways to maximise social media account management with this blog from Social Status. 

Tips for Social Media Account Management 

Content Strategy

You should know your brand inside out before you reach out to potential customers. Most social media marketing strategies underperform due to lack of clarity on brand identity, values and unique selling propositions. Once a brand is better understood by the people who run it, it becomes significantly easier to create a personalised content strategy. Next, a multi-pronged approach to content can be implemented; this should include key talking points that grab the reader’s attention, visual language, narrative and so on, as well as how often the content will be published. 

Optimise Your Profile

Sometimes the simplest changes can make all the difference. Use the social media platform’s profile to grab the viewer’s attention. Add a short, yet informative and personable bio, a profile picture featuring the company’s logo and a neat, uncluttered visual style that is easy to understand. 

Use Tools and Analytics

Social media management tools are great for organising your content, planning in advance and providing you with insight using powerful analytics frameworks.  Benefits of social media management tools: 
  • Manage multiple social media pages easily 
  • Easier to manage customer engagement 
  • Analyse social media performance 
  • Plan long term social media campaigns 

Rethink Social Media Influencer Collaborations 

Consumers on social media have developed the ability to spot collaborations that seem forced and clumsy, inauthentic endorsements. As demand grows for authenticity in social media branding, it is clear that personalised, sincere and approachable endorsements and campaigns with micro-influencers are the way of the future. 

Don’t Lose Sight of Brand Goals 

One of the key problems with many social media marketing strategies is the lack of measurable objectives and clear goals. When a plan is rolled out, it must be accompanied by easy to understand, tangible goals that can be referred to periodically. These include:
  • Specific goals related to how many followers, views and shares you hope to achieve
  • Tools that allow you to measure all these factors in an accurate and timely manner
  • Realistic goals given your brand’s current social media branding performance
  • A set time frame in place to assess the performance of the campaign

Comprehensive Social Media Marketing Strategy in Melbourne 

Although a social media marketing strategy can be implemented using a boiler-plate, tech driven approach, true engagement with customers requires a much more dynamic gameplan. Social Status follows a multi-pronged approach to social media, using cutting-edge management tools, dynamic communication skills and innovative engagement techniques to reach your current and/ or intended customer base. Contact Social Status online to chat about your social media management strategy, or to request a quote on our services. 

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