How to nurture your leads like a newborn baby


Your leads aren’t ready to buy this minute, but that doesn’t mean they’re lost – Nurture Tips

We touched on lead nurturing in our previous social media leads not converting theres still hope blog about converting social media leads. In many respects, sales and marketing are about playing the long game. We all want leads that convert immediately, but before a potential customer wants to purchase a product or service, it is only natural that they wish to educate themselves more on the subject, and shop around for the best buy. That is why it is important to remain patient, and send the right communications at the right time. For this reason, the nurturing tactics which you use are vitally important, and in this blog we are going to offer you some nurture tips. - Take a multi-channel approach Depending on the lead, sending out an email every few weeks might not get you much traction. Email marketing can certainly play its part in lead nurturing, but try to take a multi-channel approach. Make an effort to attract fans and followers on social media, as this gives you another way to build your credibility, engage with leads, and find out more information about them. You should also consider marketing campaigns such as paid retargeting, which can put the right ads in front of the right leads, based on their online behaviour. - Employ lead scoring Use a lead scoring system to help you assess the readiness of your leads. This can help to ensure that you don't 'jump the gun' in terms of communication, while also making you less likely to miss out on opportunities. Rank your prospects according to their history of engagement with you so far, and their perceived interest in your product or service. - Don't be afraid to call... at the right time There is a huge difference between cold calling leads and placing a strategic phone call at the right time. If an inbound lead has provided their telephone number, you should use it wisely. Don't waste any time in calling them soon after they have engaged with you, as this time period can be the most fruitful in terms of conversion. Make sure you do your research about them, their job position and their objectives. But don't abuse the fact you have their number, and leave a 'cooling off' period following the call. Those are a few lead nurturing tips from us. Remember, it's all about timing! Is it time you discovered how social media could play a major part in your lead generation? Talk to the social marketing agency Australia can count on - call (03) 9682-6470 today.

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