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You have plenty of website traffic but they aren’t buying

In some ways, this problem can relate to situations you'd find in a bricks and mortar store. Let's examine how such factors can apply to an online shopping experience.

Footfall leading to disappointment and confusion

You'll have visited many stores, either simply looking to browse, or to make a specific purchase. Yet, when you arrive, it's difficult to achieve the former, and even harder to manage the latter! There can be a variety of factors leading to disappointment and no purchase. These can include: + The store layout is cluttered and confusing + The product you are looking for can't be found + There is little in the way of customer support from staff + How the same factors can hamper online purchasing When reaching a website, usually from a search, or through the social media management company, visitors are looking for a clear path to progress through the site. This journey should lead them from the general to those products (or services) of specific interest. Yet, many web presences don't achieve this flow. In terms of a specific product, visitors often arrive at a generic homepage. Like a physical store, poor website signage can hamper them from finding what they are looking for; leading to a decision to try elsewhere. A solution to this problem is to craft a series of individual landing pages. These focus on the product - or range - that the search has indicated is of specific interest. Visitors are much more likely to make that purchase! A lack of customer support is frustrating, whether in real-life or on-line. A simple device, such as a chatbox facility, can be invaluable. But only if it equates to that in-store experience of walking up to a sales assistant and engaging them in conversation. Waiting hours - or days - for an online response is unlikely to impress! - Further assistance to encourage buying online The purchase process should be as simple as possible. How, and when, deliveries are achieved should be clear. Any guarantees or returns policy information should be easily accessed. A FAQ page should be easy-to-use - and answer the questions potential buyers would actually ask. Our Social Status media agency team have found that these are worthwhile comparisons between buying online and in-person. Each can help craft a web presence that, paired with your social media activities, can deliver a helpful, welcoming and encouraging experience. Speak to us today.

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