Why Social Media is The Best Way To Sell Sh*t



By 2021, 3 billion people will be on social media (1). Presently, people spend 143 minutes a day on social media channels (2). Social media is probably the invention that has changed the way we live in the shortest time possible. Starting life as a means for people to connect, it now has stretched to the way we do business. With the value of global online shopping forecasted to hit USD4 trillion this year (3), social media will have a central as well as heightened role in it. Here's how to use it to promote your business without appearing salesy. 1. A more affordable way to grow a business Print, as well as TV ads, can run into the millions with little or no guarantee of returns. For smaller businesses, the costs will outweigh the benefits. Social media, on the other hand, can cost nothing although it is advisable to run paid campaigns as well. Perhaps what makes social media a more affordable way to grow a business is the ability to change the communication if the metrics show it is falling short of the desired outcome. Traditional media doesn't allow for this. 2. Direct engagement with prospects and customers While reviews can be uncomfortable, they are invaluable insights to be learned from. In today's marketing environment, consumers love brands and businesses that not only listen but are responsive too. The empowered consumer wants to be listened to, not just heard. Attributing changes made to the communication or product to consumers' feedback, for example, will go a long way towards staying engaged with them. 3. Nurturing authenticity The empowered consumer is demanding. Thanks to IoT, they are better informed. With online scams and fake news dominating cyberspace, people are forced to be more discerning and deliberate more before clicking "Buy Now!". Hence, do not expect your online sales effort to bear fruit quickly. You'll need to earn their trust. With social media, you can nurture authenticity and prove your worth. To learn more about the power of social media, connect here now. We'll show you how to use it effectively. (1) https://review42.com/how-much-time-do-people-spend-on-social-media (2) https://www.broadbandsearch.net/blog/average-daily-time-on-social-media (3) https://optinmonster.com/online-shopping-statistics Related Tag: Social Media Management Sydney

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