Why you need to ditch your website for a landing page

Landing Pages


Remember those days when we were free to visit and browse in large department stores? Should you be trying to make a specific purchase, one problem was in actually trying to find what you wanted, among so many different departments. The same is often true of visiting a website. This is where landing pages come into their own.

Delivering a clear sense of direction

If you haven't previously used landing pages, it's vital to understand their purpose. Too often, a potential customer clicks a link to a website after an online search. Now that search will have used specific terms, tied to their needs or wants. Yet the click-through might simply take them to a generic homepage, rather than to a specific, carefully tailored page, one which talks clearly to their specific requirements. That is the essence of a landing page. Should their search arrive at that homepage, it might well end there. It can be easier to click back to the search and try another option than to navigate their way around a site until they eventually might find what they are looking for. Or not. In department store terms, a landing page which is optimised with specific search terms or even bolstered through PPC is that single department, that one counter, standing out amongst all the other parts of the business.

Essential in a social media world

As we've seen, landing pages are effective in gaining a response from internet searches. They are also an increasingly important tool when maximising response to your social media for business activities. People will be chatting to their friends about specific products or services, and your social media postings can hone in on these specifics. This means it becomes more likely that your content will be shared, and in specific terms. Example: You're looking for xxxx? I found mine here'. The recipient of the tip is directed straight to that specific landing page - and can even then discuss its contents further with the friend or relative who supplied the tip. This helps build your social status in their eyes.

Making the most of landing pages

It pays to craft a series of landing pages to meet specific requirements, such as a single product/service, a range of products/sub-brand, or perhaps to offer services in specific geographical locations. That one page is your website to interested visitors, without them having to waste time and patience navigating through multiple pages which don't attend to their immediate needs. To find out more about landing pages and their use, contact our expert team today.

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