Why email marketing is an essential addition to any digital marketing strategy

Email Marketing


Here's the most important fact you'll need to take note of: 4.25 billion people will have 1.86 million email accounts by 2022 (1). As a marketer, that's a treasure chest you can't ignore. Although some have argued against the efficacy of email marketing, the fact remains 127.6 trillion emails will be sent by 2022 (2). Thanks to the pandemic, our lives have grown more 'online' and email is part of it. Statistics aside, here are other reasons email marketing is essential to your digital marketing strategy. 1. You've got permission! When one receives content via email, it means permission has been given. At a time when content overload is increasingly a menace, you'd want to reserve your best content for prospects and customers who've given you permission to reach out to them via email. Making sure your best content is read by them can take you a step closer to that coveted conversion. 2. Greater personalisation Marketing personalisation is not only a buzzword but potentially a deal maker too. It's the irony of the digital age - no one wants to be treated as just another digit. Everyone wants to be treated as special. Email marketing can take your marketing personalisation effort to the next level. 3. The right message at the right time to the right segment Wouldn't this be ideal? It's the closest you can get in the virtual world of marketing to getting up-close-and-personal to a customer standing along the aisle looking at your product. Observing his/her movement can hint at the likelihood of them buying. With the right segmentation analysis and insights, you can achieve the same effect with email marketing. 4. Time and cost-effective campaigns Does opportunity knock twice? Sometimes, but more often not. When an opportunity arises, you'd want to get in as quickly as you can with a campaign. With a good database, you can activate an email marketing campaign quickly and relatively inexpensive too. All you'll need is a good copywriter. Email marketing isn't dead. It remains relevant. Book a session here to learn how to develop your email marketing. (1) https://www.radicati.com/wp//home1/socials4/public_html/dev//www/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Email_Statistics_Report,_2018-2022_Executive_Summary.pdf (2) https://optinmonster.com/is-email-marketing-dead-heres-what-the-statistics-show

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