You’ve heard of beer bongs, now let me introduce you to the Facebook Funnel

Facebook Funnel


The Facebook marketing funnel is an important element to understand for anyone within the social media space. As the process and ordering of your ad delivery you need to ensure you are setting and meeting objectives to achieve your outreach goals. As a platform, this space offers three campaign objective options for advertisers, namely, awareness, consideration, and conversion. Making sure you not only know where your objectives lie, but also how your communication is being disseminated is crucial to success. Don’t overlook your objective, optimisation settings, bid strategy, or budget selections when creating a campaign. As the ad auction system relies on algorithmic learning around these settings to make decisions, your misunderstanding could undermine your entire online effort. You need to identify the right signals and track significant data to enable this algorithm to readjust towards your goals.  Understanding The Pathing This funnel is the path that users take during their interactions with your communications. What is important to recognise is what your system design looks like in order to optimise strategies. You need to identify the sources and channels of brand discovery for your prospective clients, as well as discern what the milestones are within their flow of interactions. To match your audience's intent through your marketing funnel, it’s extremely valuable to have different types of offerings available. Structure Your Ads The way you approach the structure of your account can make or break the effectiveness and optimisation of your campaigns, and impact whether or not you achieve your business goals. When dealing with the initial setup of these external messages, most of the decisions are made here, making it an integral part of the process. This includes your targeting, optimisation settings, bid strategy, and budget. Within each ad set, you have your individual ads, in which you can differentiate your offer, creative approach, and language use. All of these come together to deliver a strategically placed ad to users.  When you need to take on the Facebook marketing funnel be sure to have a fully trained and skilled team behind you. With constant monitoring and management you can harness the true power of this platform under paid ad placement. With global reach and an array of settings to hone in on your audiences this is the best way to approach the social media space. Contact us right away to book a meeting or ask for more information on these services! 

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