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Social Media Advertising


Are you searching for a way to instantly reach your audience? Does it seem like your marketing efforts aren’t getting results? If you said “yes”, social media advertising is the answer. Unlike other advertising methods, social media is a way to instantly reach your niche audience and tailor your message specifically to their constantly changing needs. This blog explains exactly what this advertising method entails and how to use social media marketing to grow your business. What exactly is social media advertising? Social media advertising is branded advertising targeted directly to social media users. Networks (i.e. Facebook and Instagram) examine user information to provide the most relevant ads to them. When a target market aligns with a social platform’s user demographics, advertising provides massive conversions and sales. This is delivered via a low acquisition cost. Why choose social media? Here are the key reasons social media advertising is superior to traditional methods. Your customers are on social media This is where your customers are spending a lot of their time. This year, up to 3.1 billion people are expected to have a social media profile. So, reaching your target audience and prospective customers becomes much easier. Don’t make your audience come to you – go to them! Users are more likely to respond While social media users are primarily there to stay in touch with friends and family, many follow their favourite brands. To reap concrete results, ensure you keep your content interesting and informative, interact with users and respond to feedback. The more engaging you are, the more likely they will purchase from you. Brand recognition boost Social channel advertising dramatically boosts brand visibility. Therefore, your brand will be top of mind for consumers. Your profile is a chance to share unique content and reflect your company’s personality and voice. It also allows current and future customers to learn more about you. With compelling content, you become much more accessible and valuable to your target audience. Greater inbound traffic While important, SEO is not the only way to improve inbound traffic. Social media is a fantastic way to complement this strategy. To attract new leads to your website, your content should be engaging and add value for customers. If your website is optimised, you can just sit back and watch these leads become customers. For more advice on making social media advertising work for you, call or email Social Status today. Reference cited: https://www.lyfemarketing.com/blog/marketing-through-social-media/

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