What Instagram Reels mean for your brand!


If you're a Tiktok user, you may have logged into Instagram this week and experienced a bit of deja vu. In an attempt to compete with the ever-growing beast that is Tiktok, Instagram has introduced a new feature named 'Reels'. Earlier this year, an announcement made by Instagram revealed that the network had reached over 300 million daily active users, with Tiktok's rapid growth allowing the platform to announce a competing 100 million. Tiktok's increasing users, coupled with the proportion of the youth market adopting the quick-fire image and video sharing app has understandably lit a fire under Instagram, figuratively speaking. So what exactly are Reels and how can you use them for your business? Instagram Reels function in almost exactly the same way as Tiktok posts do. With the most recent Instagram update, a button has been added in the top left of your screen, allowing you to take photos or grab videos that you then add to your 'Reel'. Reels will appear at the top of your Instagram feed screen in a row of cute little circles, featuring profile images, that you can scroll through. Tapping on one of these allows you to view the user's story (if they've added one) and every image or video will disappear 24 hours after it's added. Easy, right? If you decide to use the feature for your business, take advantage of those 'you had to be there', behind-the-scenes moments. If you're a retailer, give followers a view behind the scenes at a photo shoot. If you're a fitness business, give followers a quick workout that they can do at home. It's all about sharing real-time moments that aren't beautiful or permanent enough to make it on to your Instagram feed! If you already use Tiktok for my business, should you use Instagram Reels too? Absolutely! The feature's there, so why not take advantage of it? At the end of the day, it's another way to get carefully planned and beautifully executed content in front of your followers. We all know about on-brief and on-time...what about on-trend? Here's some more info! We love sharing tips, tricks and social media news with you... are you looking for a social media management team who can take your business marketing to the next level? Then get in touch with us on 1800 776 740 to find out how we can boost your brand’s social status!

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