So What Exactly Are Engagement Posts?

Engagement Post


Your social media accounts are up and running and you’re gaining new followers. But what now? It’s not enough to simply gain more and more followers – to really make the most of social media for business you need to keep those followers engaged with your brand and build a community around it. Regular posting on your account, be it Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram, is the best way to do this. But what are social media engagement posts and how do you use them successfully? What is an engagement post? A social media engagement post is anything you post on a social media channel intended to gain likes, comments, and shares – any form of interaction with your followers that will increase the conversation around your brand. This could be something clearly related to your business or brand such as a post related to a product or a link to your company’s blog, or something more general to boost engagement like wishing your followers a good weekend or sharing a meme. Successful social media engagement posts There are plenty of ways to increase user engagement with compelling posts on social media. Different strategies will work better for different brands. One great way to encourage user engagement is with an interactive post, such as an opinion poll or by asking your followers a question. Polls could form a useful part of your Twitter or Facebook marketing strategy. Asking open-ended questions to your followers, like which of your products they would most recommend to others, is a great way to encourage commenting and discussion, as well as giving your brand more opportunities to engage with followers by responding directly to their comments. Another proven method is to post information about your company or brand – after all, this is what your followers are interested in! Insights into your company culture, photos of your teams, or even little-known facts about your products, industry, or company are fantastic ways to build conversation and increase engagement. Contact us now to find out more about successful social media engagement posts.

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