Attn Business Owners. If you aren’t marketing on Social Media, start.



Social media is a huge part of many people's lives, and it's also a great way for businesses to share their stories with a large audience. As social media platforms continue to grow, and their reach is more ambitious, social media is necessary for success in many industries. Here are some of the reasons why you need to get your business on social media now! 1. Grow brand awareness If you're a growing business looking to attract more customers or clients, it's hugely helpful to utilise social networking by allowing your brand to be visible. If you are active and utilising each of the platforms you have chosen fully, then you are more likely to appear on the feeds of potential customers. You may choose to boost posts or otherwise pay to have your content appear to more people, and with a mix of organic engagements and paid social media marketing, you can quickly and effectively grow your brand awareness. 2. Connect with customers Not only can you get in front of a lot of eyeballs with social media, but you can also connect with people in a way that builds brand trust, and ultimately will win you customers. Social media gives brands the opportunity to virtually connect with people and share their values. As well as that, people are more likely to be loyal to your brand if they are interacting with it regularly. If your content reflects your brand, people will start to see you less as a corporation and more like a group of people with a vision. 3. Collect reviews and respond to customers Reviews are an increasingly important way that customers make their decisions. Social media not only allows you to connect with customers, but to continue with that connection after the customer has purchased from you. You can use social media to solicit reviews, which allows happy customers to share their experiences. This further solidifies your creditability. In addition to reviews, social media is an excellent platform for customers to engage directly, asking questions and posting feedback. 4. Boost SEO Search engine optimisation. In other words, a huge deal for any business who wants to be discoverable online. The algorithm knows which pages are getting regular traffic, and which are barely getting clicks. Having a really good SEO strategy is an excellent way to grow your business, and an important part of that is having active and engaging social media platforms. Driving traffic to optimised pages, which you can do by having an engaged following, as well as by driving your following to your website, will greatly impact your SEO, allowing more potential customers to find you. If you want to find out what a fully optimised social media strategy could do for your business, have a chat with our team at Social Status. We specialise in driving engagement and revenue through social media. We offer a range of services to transform the digital output of your business.

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