The Power of Content Creation for Social Media


The Power of Social Media Content Creation for Brands in Melbourne

The world of digital marketing is a vast, fast paced environment where traditional brand marketing rules don’t necessarily apply. To signal their presence, brands need to think outside the box: using relevant, eye-catching and unique digital content that engages the right target audience. The question is, where do you begin when the old rules are out the window?  This is where Social Status comes in. We provide business owners with comprehensive, results-driven social media marketing services that prioritise tangible, real-world results. Contact us to learn how our tailor-made online content creation strategies can help your brand.

The Importance of Engaging Posts

The word ‘engagement’ is probably the single most important word in the social media world. That’s because generating organic reach is more difficult than ever, as is standing out in an industry where the volume and variety of content is overwhelming. It’s no surprise that the most successful content creation marketing campaigns are the ones that have the most active, thoughtful and genuine interactions.

Understanding Shareable Content

We’ve broken down the key characteristics of shareable content to identify why some marketing content creation strategies are more engaging and shareable than others.

Visual Appeal

Why is it that even creativity and quality aren’t enough to give you the edge? A closer look at the way social media works reveals that content with strong visual appeal is more likely to encourage a viewer to engage. Strong visual appeal can refer to the images and videos, but also extends to text size, font and layout. Make it easy to read, easy to follow, and avoid large chunks of text. 

Appeal to Customer Interests

The most shareable website content creation strategies speak to the direct and indirect interests of customers. Instead of limiting your content to your product or service, think of ways to tie it in with other interests your target audience may have. If, for example, you have a vegan restaurant, you could talk about the impact of climate change on the food supply, local farmers markets with fresh organic products and famous celebrities who have embraced veganism. 

 Tell a Story

Gone are the days when stunning food pictures or sleek product shoots were enough to grab a customer’s attention. As the demand for authenticity and narrative storytelling grows among social media users, social media content creation must look to add depth, character and sincerity to engagement. For example, if you are a musician promoting a live concert, it may help to show and write about poignant behind the scenes moments, light hearted moments on the road and the challenges of being a live act. A restaurant may choose to follow the journey of a dish from farm to table or highlight the farmers and suppliers they work with.

Tools and Techniques for Online Content Creation

In this section, we list some of the most useful online content creation tools available. 

Content Calendars

Content calendars are a great way to plan how and when to distribute content over time. They allow you to plan ahead, execute long-term engagement strategies and streamline even the most complex campaigns across multiple platforms. 

Google Trends

Google Trends lets you track the popularity of specific search words over multiple years. It is a great way to get a better picture of current consumer interests. 

Marketing Content Creation Specialists in Melbourne 

Is it possible to find solutions for all your content creation marketing needs under one roof? Here at Social Status, the answer is ‘yes’! Our team of social media experts uses the latest analytical tools and qualitative analysis to design captivating, memorable content. Contact us online for a quote or to learn how we can help your brand.

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