Social Media is an ROI machine but don’t sleep on the ‘above the line’ benefits.


So there are plenty of obvious benefits to social media marketing: it's a fast, easy, accessible and cheap way to truly engage with and expand your audience, and that in a nutshell should be enough to convince you that it's something your business needs. But we think social media marketing is much, much more than that. So here are just 3 of the less commonly talked about benefits of why leaping aboard this fast-moving social media train should be a priority as your business builds, grows and thrives. 1. Loyalty There is almost nothing more important than repeat customers, and the way to get that is through brand loyalty. And social media channels are the perfect way to do that, especially if what you are giving your customers cuts through the normal marketing spin and makes them laugh, informs or otherwise entertains them. 2. Your 'human' brand Marketing, of course, is about spreading the word. But the quality of that word is also important: for instance, you can be reaching people, but not actually making an all-important 'human' connection between your brand and them. Social media, however, 'humanises' your message: it's easy for potential customers to make the link between a social media message and the person who wrote it, and that person-to-person connection rather than a customer-to-company connection simply results in higher conversion rates. 3. Recommendations What's the huge difference between 'this is a great brand' and 'this is a great brand'? The answer is who is saying it. If it's the company that is saying it, it could result in sales. But now imagine that it's someone who has no connection with the brand that is saying it - just a delighted customer. Social media not only produces much more of the latter than any other form of marketing, but provides them with an instant way to spread the word, perhaps even virally, simply by hitting 'share' or tagging their friends. In truth, there are many, many, many more than just 3 hidden benefits of social media marketing when it comes to promoting your brand and generating sales, and here at Social Status we know them all! To get in touch to find out more, give us a call on 1800 776 740.

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