Here’s Why You Need Us To Be In Charge Of Your Social Media Advertising

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If you ever tried to run a social media advertising campaign on your own, you will probably assume they don’t work, and that they are a gigantic waste of time and money. However, the one big reason it didn’t work is that you decided to do it yourself. Here are the five reasons you should never run your social media advertising! You spend too much When Facebook asks you to put your budget into the ad setup, what number do you put in? Have you found yourself typing in the entire yearly amount of your marketing spend? Well, that is a big mistake. Digital marketing specialists take the time to measure performance before they invest a large amount of capital into a singular campaign. They use smaller dollar amounts to test the market and make lucrative decisions based on the results. However, knowing what makes a suitable test amount, and overall budget, is best evaluated by a professional who knows your industry, target market, and the specific ad platform. Save your cash and your time! You aren’t skilled Becoming a digital marketing specialist doesn’t happen overnight; while there are many valuable articles on DIY social media advertising, these only scrape the surface of what you need to know to run a successful campaign. After all, digital marketing is a full-time profession and isn’t something you can pick up after one afternoon’s research. Your skills are better off inside your business doing what you are qualified at. With those skills, you are in a position to earn more dollars per hour and generate the funds to outsource your social media advertising to someone who knows the process intimately. Not only will you save yourself time attempting to learn this new skill, but you will also keep your business running seamlessly. What if something goes wrong? It may look easy, and most platforms suggest that you simply set up your digital campaign, hit go and watch the sales come in, but this is far from the case. Many disruptions can derail your social media advertising, without it being your fault. This can be anything from a broken link or pixel to social media platform issues, like when the program goes down and stops firing advertisements to the users. Resolving these types of scenarios is labour intensive, and requires an intimate knowledge of the entire process to troubleshoot the issue. With all of that a real possibility, as well as any problems that arise in the normal course of a business day, you could spend half your day resolving what would take a professional five minutes. You don’t know why you aren’t getting results It might not be a technical issue you need to resolve, but discovering why you aren’t making sales from your social media campaign can be just as timing consuming to navigate. There are many reasons why your advertising isn’t producing results, and it can be any of the following issues: - Poor choice of copy – the text used in the text of the advert - Poor choice of images – this could be a combination of one or many images - Targeting – anywhere from the keywords, interests, specific location and age - Call to action – working out the most proactive language that compels your market to take action with you Knowing which one it could be is the greatest problem, and something a digital marketing specialist will be able to spot easily, analyse, and produce a resolution to effortlessly.

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