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Does your Social Media fit in at a party? Not literally, of course, that would be a bit on the weird side. However, comparing your social media to some things that might happen at a party can be useful in making sure that it's working at its best for you. Here are five key points to consider... Does it fit into this particular party? You know the people who seem out-of-place; you wonder why they were ever invited because they don't seem at ease or able to fit in. It's the same with your social media presence. It has to fit in amongst the group of people where you want to be. So, it should be designed to suit them. Just as you hope somebody wouldn't turn up at an official dinner in t-shirt and flip-flops, your social media presence and activities need to seem a valid part of wherever you are! Does it shout too loud and try to take over the event? Do you know the person who's too loud for the occasion - the one standing in the middle demanding attention? It's all about them and their presence. Yeah, your social media appearance shouldn't be like that. Yes, of course, you want to grab attention - but do it in the right way. Think of the people at a party who seem to merge groups around themselves while playing a prominent part in making it a fun occasion. This is how your social media should work - by drawing people towards it in a positive way. This is achieved by talking about the things they find interesting and talking about them in an engaging way. Don't simply be all about 'me' statements Another party off-putter: the person who simply talks about themselves. A famous psychologist, returning home after a long trip, discovered his wife had invited new neighbours to dinner. Too tired to be 'his sparkling self' he simply asked them lots of questions about themselves. Later, talking to others, they described him as 'a really fascinating man'! There's the secret to great social media - be fascinating in the eyes of your customers by talking to, with, and about them - not simply me, me, me. Don't just stand in the corner and play no part Another frequent party-goer - although you often wonder why. Even if people try to engage with them they still seem to withdraw into themselves. You'll see social media behaviour like that too - postings just sitting there refusing to become involved with anyone who might respond to them. The point of the word 'social' is missed. It's about how you respond, both to praise and criticism, how you take ideas on board, and find content that is interesting and involving enough for others to share. In other words, you are inviting yourselves to other parties - achieving social media lead generation - by your positive online performance at this one! We'll bring the party to you! These comparisons should emphasise ways to make your social media a positive part of your online, advertising and promotional strategy. Here at Social Status media agency in Melbourne, we work hard to make sure you are the life and soul of all such online 'parties'. To see how we might help your business with this, simply give us a call on (03) 9682-6470...

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