Why we charge too little on purpose (despite being the best)


Social media is everywhere! It's on the bus, it's cooking dinner with one hand, and (dare we say it?) it's adding emojis from the porcelain throne! As a marketing tool, social media is so powerful & affordable it's by far the fastest growing medium. It's an edge your business can't afford to ignore when it comes to engaging your audience & turning clicks into customers. This is where Social Status comes in. We'll grab your business' Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc by the proverbials and, at a fraction of the cost of managing it in-house, help you generate impressive sales results through targeted online content marketing. While you focus on making your business great, we'll create and implement equally great social media strategies that get results. We have purposefully set our prices below market rates to ensure we grow quickly & provide undeniable value to our clients (we'll worry about the profit late). Here is a Steve Jobs quote that influenced this decision, "Most businesses work hard to increase their prices, the best brands work to lower them". So give us a like, or swipe right, or do something to hit up Social Status to start connecting with your customers now on social media.

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