Social Media Leads Not Converting? There’s still hope!

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Generating leads is the easier part; converting them into paying customers is more challenging. Amongst others, it'll test your entrepreneurial acumen as well as people skills. With marketing technology, fortunately, this doesn't require you to go knocking from meeting to meeting. While converting leads hasn't necessarily become easier, you can be more productive with the right actions. We'll look at some of them in this post. 1. Be precise and specific in your content By now, you're familiar with the phrase Content Is King. Well, it is. But not every piece of content will rise to this supreme position. The legitimacy of any content's rule is derived from its relevance. Unless the leads you're nurturing find the content shared is relevant to them, it's probably just noise. This will them away instead of drawing closer to your brand or business. So, understand your leads well to ensure the content you share as part of the nurturing process is targeted and purposeful. 2. Get personal Marketing personalisation isn't just a buzz. It works! The greatest benefit of marketing personalisation lies in the message you're sending to prospects - you know and understand their needs well! It can be annoying and frustrating to deal with potential sellers who just don't get it. But when they do, it makes the process not only smooth sailing but value-added too. More time and energy can then be focused on critical things, such as the implementation of the solution. 3. Timeliness Like most things in life, timeliness can make or break a deal. Hitting prospects at a time when his/her mind is on some other things can be counterproductive. In fact, you can be deemed to be insensitive. But if you have a deep appreciation of prospects and the stage of the buyer's journey they are in, your next email could be pinging at the right time in their inbox. The bottom line is to take time to get up close and personal with your leads. Lead nurturing requires patience. Like courtship, it shouldn't be rushed. Hence, get started on it early. Connect here to learn more about effective lead nurturing.  

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