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In today’s digital generation, social media has changed from a tool that is good to have to an essential must-have. Millions of new and established businesses dedicate a large budget to marketing themselves. As a business owner, you may feel pressure using social media marketing because your business is being compared to your competitors in real-time. Thus, you need to learn effective social media marketing strategies and how to beat competitors. 1. Keep the content streaming Quality content is a necessity for business social media accounts. You should have at least a week’s posts ready and waiting. Your business should have a detailed social media calendar which incorporates your business’ goals, the competitive landscape and should be up to date with what’s trending in the industry. Your content should grab the attention of prospective clients. It should also be relevant and informative. It is not just about having a post that is relevant to your business; you should have content for each holiday from Christmas to Earth Day. The content should be appropriate and entertaining. Popular hashtags should be used so that your posts can reach more people. 2. Stay clear of mistakes on social media While you may have good intentions for social media advertising, it is easy to make mistakes. The mistake can be a rogue post made by one of the staff or a callous reply to a customer complaint. Whichever the case, you need to keep your businesses professional at all times. Large brands have the luxury of having PR teams that are dedicated to watch activity and clean up messes. For your small businesses, however, you may struggle to hire enough staff for this. You should make sure that you post only fresh content and monitor your social media accounts through various online tools that generate reports of words that may be offensive to some of your audience. Remember, the internet never forgets, so be careful with what you comment or post. 3. Automate whenever possible Online marketing can be tough to manage when there are so many new networks and competitors every day. It is nearly impossible to keep up with everything that happens. Technology takes care of this, as there are items that can be automated. You can then focus your time and energy on the tasks that can’t be automated. Functions that can be easily automated include getting curated content and generating detailed reports. It is also possible to create dedicated replies to frequently asked questions. 4. Take notes from social media leaders It is easy to get blinded on all the innovation happening around your business when you are focused on content creation, and responding to clients. You can learn from prominent companies and individuals about what works best. This includes the type of content that works best in the industry and the more capable platforms. To stay ahead of your competitors, you will need to focus on your social media efforts and try to stay ahead of trends. You are likely to become one of the leading social media brands if you utilize some of these strategies.

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