Plenty of traffic but leads aren’t buying? Here’s 3 tips on ecommerce conversion rate best practice

Plenty of Traffic


You've got great products, an eCommerce website that's easy to navigate and lots of traffic. Unfortunately, the traffic it's been generating is nothing more than just window shoppers. Sales are at best a trickle and infrequent too. Conversion seems to be very elusive and disillusionment with your online business is creeping in. If you're experiencing these issues, these three tips on conversion rate best practice are for you. 1. Enlarge the images of your products The clearer they are, the easier it'll be for shoppers to visualise the appeal of your product. Remember, a major trade-off of online shopping is the absence of the touch-and-feel experience. It'll be a double whammy if shoppers have to strain their eyes to take a closer look at your products. Furthermore, with more people using their smartphones to get online, a small image of your products just makes it a shade more difficult to click "Buy!". 2. Amplify the voice of customers The fact is well-established - shoppers trust the feedback of others who've bought and used your products. Reviews add a layer of trust to your products. Think of them as unscripted ad copies that you didn't have to pay for. The more you have them, the better will be the standing of your products and offers in the minds of shoppers. Therefore, it is important you create the space for customers to share their feedback. 3. Chatbots Sometimes, it's the little things that impede a purchase. For example, shoppers may wonder if the refund policy takes into consideration the time difference between geographical regions. It's probably a question you may have never wondered about as it seems trivial. An immediate response to this question may result in shoppers clicking "Buy!". Herein lies the usefulness of chatbots. It can either provide immediate responses or channel shoppers to the right resource. While the ideal conversion rate tends to vary across industries, it usually hovers around 1%-3% (1). If you're registering below 1%, the above are just some of the things you can do to improve the conversion rate on your eCommerce website. Connect here to learn more about other tactics. (1) Related Tag: Social Advertising Companies

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