Pinterest… the most important Social platform you aren’t using? ????


Social media marketing has come leaps and bounds since Facebook first made an appearance in 2004. Whether you use online marketing to increase brand awareness or for lead generation, there is one popular social media platform that many businesses are ignoring: Pinterest. If you've not yet integrated Pinterest into your social media marketing plan, here's why you should!

Pinterest can link directly to landing pages

When it comes to lead generation, landing pages are one of the most effective ways to collect customer data from those who are showing potential interest in your products and services. Pinterest uses a direct linking system in which users can click the pinned photo and be taken to the source page. This is a total dream for marketers, as they can link an image that relates to their product or service directly to a landing page. The best part? When your image is re-pinned, the landing page link will appear in all of their followers' feeds too.

Pinterest directs traffic to your website

Unlike Instagram, Pinterest allows you to add direct links on each image. This is a wonderful way to gain traffic to your company blog or website. By signing up to a Business Account, you have full access to Pinterest's analytics, which will tell you your pins' click through rate, as well as the number of impressions that it has received.

Pinterest improves your organic search traffic

Luckily for social media marketers, Google's complicated algorithm loves Pinterest. Pinterest boards often come up when a potential customer searches a query. Grab the customer in the awareness stage by creating boards that offer a particular solution to a problem.

Pinterest users are buyers

According to online beauty retailer Sephora, Pinterest fans spend 15 times more money than Facebook fans. This is because Facebook is mainly used for social interaction and brand awareness, whereas Pinterest is used for searching for a particular product or 'answer'.

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network

Did you know that Pinterest is the fastest growing social network in the world? The platform experienced 97% growth in the year 2014 - compare that to Facebook, which actually experienced a fall in usage. Ready to give your social media marketing a kick? Get in touch with us on 1800 776 740 to find out how we can boost your brand's social status!

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