Does personal branding make you a DB?

Personal Branding


Whether you intend it to be or not, you're the personification of the business or brand. Hence, it's important your personal brand is appealing, sound and consistent with the disposition of the business to your target audience. Interestingly, some small business owners hesitate to work on their personal brand. If you're one of them, this post may change your mind. 1. The trust multiplier effect You're the reason the business exists. Sharing your story that led to the creation of your business, that is, the WHY can create the empathy value. If it resonates well with your target audience, it can multiply the trust in your business and brand. In today's business environment, trust is a premium. 2. A stronger emotional connection It's much easier for people to connect with another person. This facilitates the emotional connection, which is a critical ingredient in effective branding. With a compelling personal brand, the emotional equity of it will cascade down to the business. This will precipitate in a stronger emotional connection with your business or brand. 3. It's a competitive edge Despite the mammoth size of Apple, Steve Jobs' personal brand was evident in the way people perceive Apple, the business, brand and product. Steve's vision, mission and aspiration became intertwined with Apple's. Aside from Apple's outstanding product design, Steve's personal brand was probably the other competitive edge the company had. Hence, do not underestimate the contribution of your personal brand to the business' success. 4. The go-to-person It's fair to say people go to Warren Buffet for investment advice rather than his company, Berkshire Hathaway. He's the go-to-person for sound and profitable advice. It's a major benefit of personal branding. Over time, you'll be perceived to be the expert in your field. As your reputation mushrooms, it'll create more growth opportunities for the business. 5. A growing network Finally, you can expect your network to grow. Everyone wants to be associated with a winner. As they say, your reputation precedes you. Hopefully, in a positive way. Build your personal brand today and watch the business grows. Connect here to learn more.

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