Leads are flowing but you’re not making sales: 4 tips to convert leads

Convert Leads


Leads are valuable only when they become paying customers. It can be frustrating when your social media lead generation activities don't result in sales. Over time, you'll lose confidence in the effectiveness of your marketing. In this post, we share 4 tips you can try to convert leads. 1. Offer an interim solution of value Their initial interest in your product or service is triggered by the belief it's the solution they have been looking for to address a pain point. But interest alone may not bring them across the line. Offering an interim solution of value to them, free or priced low, can be a gentle nudge to this end. 2. Demonstrate your commitment by following up Don't leave it at "Try it. It works!" when you offer the above. Demonstrate your commitment to helping as well as the credibility of your interim solution by following up. Sure, you may risk getting less than favourable feedback. But your confidence in following up communicates to prospects your commitment to helping them solve a problem. Perhaps it may not be the right solution. Whatever it may be, your commitment would have won them over. 3. Keep the focus on their problem It's a common mistake businesses make - focusing on the solution instead of the problem prospects are faced with. Even in the face of the situation mentioned above, businesses continue to parade their solution. It's likely to fall on deaf ears! It's important prospects believe you have a good grasp of their problem. 4. Know your competitors Unless it's a monopoly, you've got competitors to contend with. Hence, it's important to size them up. With this knowledge, you're in a better position to calibrate your proposal or solution. By the way, it may not necessarily be price-centric. It could be others packaged into the final solution. The success of your social and digital media marketing isn't measured by the stream of leads. Though important, it doesn't pay the bills. Unless they are converted to paying customers, leads are just a vanity metric. Connect here for ideas to increase your conversion rates.

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