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Leads are flowing but you’re not making sales – 4 Sales Tips

Turning those leads into sales

You're getting great results on Google Analytics: people are reading your page, the bounce rate is low, and the time spent on page is impressive. But you don't seem to be getting any sales. What could you be doing wrong? And what could you do to improve your conversion rate?

1. Have a look at your web design

The best social media marketing in the world won't help your sales if your potential customers get a shock when they get to your website. Make sure that:

- Your website reflects current trends in your industry and looks professional. Visitors to an outdated, incomplete, or industry-inappropriate website won't take you seriously if your site looks clumsy.
- Your website is mobile-friendly. This is an absolute deal-breaker. More and more people use their mobile devices to view websites, so your website must be compatible with all screen sizes, especially mobile devices.
- You provide clear contact details for your business including phone number, and a physical address if appropriate.

2. The search terms in your Google Ads campaign are not relevant

Have a look at your search query results to see what people are looking for. Make sure that the terms you use in your ad are very specific. For example, if you are selling men's long-sleeve rash vests with zip, make sure that your ad uses all of these terms. Just using the words 'rash vests' or 'men's sun protection', for example, are not relevant enough.

3. Do your research

Make sure you are familiar with your customer's needs before running a social media advertising campaign. Your product may be overpriced, or it could be too low (or even too high) quality for the market. Look at your competitor's products and see how you compare.

4. Make sure it's easy to check out

Potential buyers will abandon their carts when the checkout process on your website is difficult to navigate or just far too complicated. Make sure your checkout process is streamlined. Is it really necessary to make every customer sign up for an account before they can buy anything?

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