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If you were to watch an artist painting a landscape, you'd probably notice how they spent some time at the start simply looking at it. This examination might involve using frames to try and best position the composition, and to work out how much should be included. Some artists would also 'amend the view' by moving items around in their mind to create a stylised, rather than simply an utterly faithful, painting. One other observation you might make is that during the creative process, the artist may stand well away from their canvas, allowing them to view it as their audience would, should it later be hung for public viewing. You might, by now, be curious as to what this has to do with establishing an effective social media presence for your business. Where the artist recognises the dangers or pitfalls from being too involved with their subject, business owners or managers who undertake their own social media postings can sometimes be oblivious to them. Author of the E-Myth series of books, Michael Gerber, talks during his seminars about the difference between working 'in' a business and 'on' it. This is true with the crafting of social media content. It is easy, without appreciating the fact, to be writing from that 'in' position, with all the inside knowledge that suggests, rather than 'on' it - as an analytical outsider looking inwards. Such an 'insider' track can mean that content is written FROM the high, even sophisticated, level of knowledge and understanding of the author rather than TO that of the audience. Jargon, or hugely technical language, can be used, simply because this is how the business' insiders converse with each other. Key points can be neglected because those working in the company simply take them for granted. Content can be included because the author feels it's important, or even a source of pride, yet this may mean much less to those reading it, who have their own, often different, priorities. All of these problems are usually caused accidentally, simply because the person creating the social media content is working from their perspective. It can be difficult to take that step back and, as poet Robert Burns suggested: 'See ourselves as others see us'. If you feel that this might be a concern with your content, then please get in touch with us on 1800 776 740 to find out how we can boost your business' or brand's social status using our outsiders' eyes!

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