Instagram Stories and why it’s great for business


Not convinced how powerful Instagram is? Consider this: every second - every second! - over 2,000 new Instagram posts are being published. That's an awful lot of power, and it's power that can be wielded for your online marketing. Chances are, you already know this. There is also a possibility you already have an Instagram presence for your social media marketing. Because photo and video posts are easy to create, they look great, and they get noticed. But we want to talk about a recent addition to Instagram - Stories. Yes, we know it's basically a Snapchat knockoff. But you should be using it anyway.

Instagram 'Stories' - what is it?

Just like Snapchat Stories, the Instagram version allows you to upload videos or images throughout a day which are then viewable by your audience as a 'story'. When a new day dawns, the stories disappear.

But why's it good for business?

1. Sneak peaks

Instagram Stories can work like a movie trailer. Perhaps you have a product or service that is in the works - so post a preview. Maybe your marketing material is very polished - so post behind-the-scenes footage. Sneak peaks are great for building relationships, engaging and for word of mouth.

2. Boost followers

Any social media marketing strategy is about building followers - and Instagram Followers can really help. If you're posting a lot of cool, exclusive content that people don't want to miss out on, that's a great reason to follow you. And if word is spreading about how cool you are, people can check out your Stories without actually committing to following you.

3. Boost traffic

Because the Stories feature is located right at the top of every home page, it's naturally going to get attention - and potentially many thousands of views. Lots of views translate directly to your real profile - and a potential big boost to your business.

4. Use it again

Although Instagram Stories disappear at the end of the day, you can save those photos and videos. Why would you want to do that? Use them across your other social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook. Or use them in a few months time as a throwback or a reminder. In short, Instagram Stories is a great new feature that can really enhance your social media marketing effort. Want to know some more gems? Social Status knows all the little social media tips and tricks of the trade, so get in touch with us on 1800 776 740 to find out how we can boost your brands social status!

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