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Instagram is proving to be one of the big movers in the incredibly fast-paced world of social media. The latest changes, released less than a month ago, are regarded by some as a clear move to take on the popularity of Periscope and Snapchat. These new features include a live video option, as well as something called Instagram Direct, which is a Snapchat-like disappearing photo and video feature, adding another social media marketing strategy to the already popular service.

Instagram Live

Like the hugely popular Periscope, Instagram Live allows account holders to broadcast in real time to their followers. It's an addition to Instagram Stories, which was another Snapchat-based feature launched earlier in 2016 that now entertains well in excess of 100 million users each day. Unlike Periscope and Facebook Live, Instagram's live video is Snapchat-like in that when the broadcast is over, it's gone forever rather than being replay-able. This non-saveable or non-replay-able feature extends to photos as well, as part of the new Instagram Direct. In terms of social media marketing, they are useful features to give followers a reason to stop what they're doing to tune in. Followers can get a notification, letting them know you're going live. The non-replay-able feature also allows the account holders themselves to feel less pressured when it comes to sharing live and unscripted content. This is because once it's over, the video has gone, meaning no-one else will be able to view it. Once you go live, you can 'pin' a comment, letting your followers understand what is about to happen, or encourage them to interact and make comments as you go.

3 ways your brand can use Instagram live video for successful social media marketing:

1. Answer audience questions

Tell your audience that you're going to answer their questions in real time, with the 'disappearing' nature meaning both you and they feel more free to interact.

2. Announcements

It's also a great way to make an important announcement or launch a new product or service. Your followers will receive a notification encouraging them to tune in so they don't miss out on the exciting news.

3. Behind the scenes

Instagram Live is the platform's bid to grab some of what Periscope and Snapchat do best in terms of giving followers 'behind the scenes' access. This way, your content is less scripted and more experimental, and could intrigue your followers. Get in touch with us on 1800 776 740 to find out how we can boost your brands social status.

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