How To Use Social To Make Some Dollaridoos



You may ask yourself; “why do businesses need social media marketing?” The truth is, there is never a better time than now to start using social media advertising to grow your business. Research has shown that 72% of adults now use social networking sites. This includes both Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing as the key players. At Social Status, a Social Media Marketing Agency, Melbourne we want to share with you five tips to help you make the most of social media advertising to grow your business. 1. Know your audience and potential customers Effective social media advertising starts with understanding your target audience and knowing which platforms they are using. Go for where your audience hangs out and what makes sense for your brand, rather than spreading your time across many different platforms. 2. Create educational and enticing content Create bite-sized informational content that offers huge value to your audience and entices them to buy from you. This includes free guides, checklists and how-to content. 3. Work with social influencers Research has found that over 70% of consumers trust social media influencers. Therefore, it is essential to partner with influencers within your industry, which will help increase your visibility and in turn drive sales. 4. Use paid ads Organic growth continues to drop on social media. Therefore, to use social media for lead generation, the best way is through paid ads. Facebook marketing has a wide variety of targeting tools that make it easy to create fast and successful campaigns to drive sales. 5. Share testimonials and reviews Research has shown that 70% of people are more likely to buy after being exposed to a relatable post or positive image created by other consumers. Therefore, it is important to share feedback and images from your customers to help increase trust and build loyalty. Social Status Media Agency has shared with you five effective ways to use social media for your business to increase sales. You must ensure your brand is both visible and wins the trust of your target audience by offering high-value content and enticing offers.

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