Hey, can you please… Stop being terrible at social media ????


Social media can blur the lines between its application for marketing and personal use. After all, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn can be used for both reasons. Without the structure and discipline of separating them, your social media marketing may not produce the results you want. In this post, we share tips and hints to help you stay focused on your social media marketing activities. They aren't difficult to achieve, but they require structure and discipline in the way you use social media for business and personal purposes. Try them out! 1. Leave home without it It's the easiest thing to do - leave your personal social media activities at home. Sometimes, it can be daunting to separate non-work scrolling or swiping when you're online, but try and stay focused on the task at hand. 2. Organise your daily social media marketing activities What gets planned, gets done - well, most of the time. It can take a lot of self-discipline to stay focused on your social media marketing activities. But by listing the tasks to be accomplished daily, you're less likely to go astray from the schedule. Of course, a lot will depend on your self-discipline. But unless you start nurturing it, you'll never have it. 3. Have a grip on chats and messaging They're increasingly intrusive and distracting. It's never just "I'll reply to this and that's it." Chats and messaging have replaced face-to-face conversations. As such, you can never stop at replying to one and be done with it. Think of chats and messaging as conversations you can leave to later unless they are from a workgroup. 4. Make measuring your progress a habit What gets measured, gets done. Every social media marketing activity you undertake must be measured for its contribution to a goal. When you're more conscious of the goal, it'll increase the stakes. As a result, you're less likely to be drawn away by things or activities that will impede your progress. If the latest news update flashing across the screen will not impact on your online research on the latest trends in athletic casual wear, you're less likely to tap on "Watch now!" 5. Delegate Social media marketing can be overwhelming. The fact it is versatile and dynamic is partly to be blamed for this. In the age of IoT, it can be difficult to put a punctuation mark on your social media activities. As a result, the lines can get blurred between its use for marketing and other reasons. To avoid this, you should delegate some of the activities to others. This will help you to stay focused on a smaller or more important group of activities. Social media marketing is here to stay. It'll continue to encroach into more aspects of our lives - personal and business. Learning to segregate them is important, so speak to us to plan your social media marketing strategy and plan to stay focused.

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