Digital Marketing for Baby Boomers


From budgetary constrains to lacking the talent to run successful marketing campaigns, you may be struggling to achieve the results digital marketing promises. It seems success is exclusive to businesses with a huge amount of budget and talent. This article features solutions to the common digital marketing dilemma small businesses face. They are potentially others but we hope this list will inspire you to address them as well. 1. The amazing website An amazing website is the hygiene factor of a great digital marketing strategy. Such a website isn't only aesthetically appealing but must have excellent user experience to drive traffic. They are costly too! Given this, it is important for small businesses to be strategic in the development of their website. Whilst there are many affordable and easy to use website design platforms, it is important to be clear of the desired user experience and marketing goals of the website before choosing the hundreds of ready-to-use designs. 2. Your buyer persona Your website is the business's window to the world. As such, small businesses aren't restricted by geographical boundaries. Having said that, conventional marketing wisdom emphasises the importance of clearly defining your target audience. With this clarity, it becomes easier to build your buyer persona, which is an up-close-and-personal appreciation of who they are - their pain points and desired solution. After all, digital marketing isn't just a window to the world for your business but for millions of others too. To stand a chance, you'll need to demonstrate a deeper understanding of the people you want to serve. 3. Nurturing trust with content Success in digital marketing begins with winning the target audience's trust. In the era of the empowered digital consumer, the battle is won in the hearts and minds. Period! It will lead to a purchase and over time loyalty as well as advocacy. How is this trust won? By sharing with your target audience valuable content consistently. But this isn't a chest-thumping exercise to showcase how much you know. Rather, it is a demonstration of your commitment to providing them with a solution to their problem. Your credibility, authority and sincerity are the seeds to nurturing that trust. 4. Converting leads to sales When is the right time to raise "Buy now!"? There isn't a specific answer to this question. But thanks to marketing automation, you can have a good picture of the target audience's readiness to buy. The technical name for this is lead scoring. It's a convenient way of allocating prospects into buckets of potential customers. From cold to hot, it'll help you decide relevant follow-up actions, and yes, it can include good old "cold call" except it wouldn't be that cold as through your content and follow-up emails, it will feel as if you've known each other for a while. Digital marketing works regardless of the size of your business. But you've got to work at it to make it work. Connect with us to develop a digital marketing strategy that produces results.

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