How to Give Your Social Media a Glow Up


When it comes to building your brand, generating cold, hard sales and more, social media for business is more than simply writing good content and posting it. Including images, videos and other optimisation strategies to render your content readable, sharable and more engaging is key. Here are easy social media optimisation tips you can use to improve your business. 1. Add images and videos There’s no better way to make your social media posts more engaging than adding photos, pictures, videos, and other visual media to them. However, for videos and/or images to be engagement boosters, they have to be interesting and entertaining. People are naturally visual and that’s why images are more likely to catch our eye than text posts. So, whatever you do, embrace visual media as a means of optimising your social media posts and improving your brand. 2. Using hashtags & user names The initial goal of any social content is to be found by many people. Tools such as hashtags and user names are great at helping your content reach people beyond your audience. On Twitter and Google+, hashtags operate as keywords, allowing anyone to find your posts if they search for those terms. With hashtags, users can communicate with each other in real-time. Simply follow a particular hashtag and all the posts tagged with that hashtag will be showing up in your stream. Hashtags on Facebook, however, are often used to amplify ordinary posts. 3. Optimise your social media profiles Optimising your social media for profiles is quite easy. You just need to fill out your name and write a brief biography. Also include a cover photo and profile picture and all these will make your profile appear legitimate. It helps your audience and especially potential clients to know that they are on the profile of your brand and not an imposter's account. Your bio should paint a vivid picture of what your brand does as that is what your readers want to understand clearly. Using these tips and others to optimise your social media in Melbourne can be quite easy. However, it takes time, patience, research, and sometimes trial and error to get it right and be successful. Contact Social Status today to find out more about how social media optimisation can boost your business. Related Tag: Social Media Management Agency

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