Here’s Why You Should Force Your Employees to Get Linkedin


Social media is an important and versatile asset for any business these days, and failing to capitalise on the multiple avenues available is not only reducing your business's outreach but could also be affecting your potential revenue stream and growth. LinkedIn is just one of these avenues that is often forgotten by many businesses, at least in the way it should be used by your team. To maximise your business's potential with LinkedIn, it is important to take note of a few key elements for your team: 1. Keep your branding uniform Ensure that each team member's profile is uniform, keeping in line with your company branding and identity. This can be achieved by ensuring that the cover photo contains your company's logo, along with contact information unique to each staff member if relevant. Also, ensure that your team's headline describes a short empathetic description of what they can help achieve. 2. It pays to have professional photos. This may seem like a meagre thing to worry about, but your image is everything. One of the first things any potential client or partner will see on LinkedIn is the profile picture for your team, so ensuring that their photos are all of a professional standard will provide the best first impression. 3. Comment, comment, comment! Get your team to comment and engage with posts relative to your niche. Engaging with potential prospects provides a personal touch, and is a constant reminder that your team is active, prompt, informative, and cares about your particular field. 4. Engage only with relative content This may seem like a no brainer, but ensuring that your team only engages with relative content to your field is essential. If you are in the healthcare sector, there is little point to your team engaging with posts about mechanics. Followers can see what you engage with, which means it is important that your team engages with content that relates to your field as they can then also engage with this content and provide a chain reaction effect. 5. Check your profile settings Ensure that your team's profile is not on private or reducing the information that is viewable by other contacts. You want people visiting your team's profiles to get a full understanding of what they and by extension, your company brings to the table. Another thing to check is that your team's current role includes a link to your company's website. 6. Add pre-existing and new connections Getting your team into the habit of adding any new or pre-existing connections is paramount. A simple search of the contact's name will usually yield a profile, giving you valuable information and a chance to connect and further develop a relationship. One tip is to put your profile into Anonymous mode so that the profile you are viewing does not see you have visited if you are just conducting some research. LinkedIn is a powerful tool to use, so using the above tips is a great start to making the most out of it and helping to extend your company's notoriety. If you're in need of digital marketing advice from a team of experts, get in touch with Social Status today.

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