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Instagram is a valuable resource for reliable and dependable social media lead generation. Often overlooked by businesses due to its visual and playful user content, Instagram provides a highly active, engaged audience for your marketing. There are many ways eCommerce, retail and professional brands can convert their Instagram following into qualified leads. We share with you how to get the most of your Instagram marketing, demonstrating easy lead generation techniques specifically for the Instagram platform.

Create a bio for leads

It’s commonly known Instagram doesn’t allow you to add clickable links to your feed posts and videos. While you can type the URL into your post, the hyperlink to the website doesn’t work, relying on the user to copy and paste the link into a separate browser. However, it’s possible to leverage off-link clicks through a well-optimised bio. As Instagram allows you a hyperlink in your bio, these few lines are your opportunity to engage leads. The best Instagram bios are designed with lead generation in mind, as well as follower engagement. Also, a simple call to action through your posts will drive users to your bio; by adding ‘link in bio’ or similar verbiage, your followers will know to visit your profile page and access the link through this method.

Utilise the swipe up function

Once over a certain number of followers, currently set at ten thousand, accounts can link their stories to websites through the swipe up function. As a powerful yet often overlooked tool on Instagram, as this simple action unlocks an entire webpage of lead generation possibilities. Making the most of this function is the key; brands need to create engaging, useful story content that sends viewers to the website. Merely adding the link without direction or encouragement won’t result in clicks, swipe ups or other engagement.

Use Instagram ads

Run through Facebook marketing, Instagram offers businesses and brands the ability to reach targeted users through paid ads. The value of this style of lead generation is the highly targeted nature of the ads. Through the complex creation phase, it’s possible to target Instagram users that demonstrate certain behaviours, in specific locations with explicit interests. This targeting is what makes this other style of lead generation on Instagram the most effective; however, it’s important to note it's the most expensive. Instagram ads, to be genuinely effective, do require a marketing budget substantial enough to make an impact and thoroughly test audiences.

Engage with influencers

While some have a terrible reputation for outlandish behaviour and extreme demands, the majority of social media influencers provide ample lead generation opportunities. Where influencers differ themselves from traditional marketing is their delivery, as they use their popularity to sell products without the usual sales pitch. Businesses leverage off their notoriety, much like using a celebrity in a classic advertisement format.

Use Instagram’s shoppable features

eCommerce stores are in prime position to make the most out of one of Instagram’s newer features, Instagram Shopping. The feature allows the user to shop on their favourite item simply through tagging, taking the user directly to the online store. Whether the user buys or not, you are provided with vital statics about your popular products, buying trends, and profitable content. Is gaining Instagram leads your weak point? Contact us today to discuss the potentials of your online presence.

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