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Listening to the voice of the customer is a hot topic in marketing. The marketing balance has tilted in favour of customers. They can access information to compare and contrast, voice their opinions as well as recommend your brand to others. The digitally connected consumer has been empowered. Ignoring them is a grave mistake. With today's digital marketing technology, listening to the voice of the customer is easy. From social listening to formal market research, it is less costly and less time-consuming. However, this challenge remains, that is, using the insights learned to drive growth. In this post, we'll examine ways you can use customer feedback to meaningfully and effectively. 1. Act on them Every customer feedback is free advice to make things better. Whether they are in the form of complains or suggestions, they are opportunities to strengthen your product or service. But bear in mind not all of them are feasible ideas. Having said that, there are some you can act on. When you do, you'll demonstrate a commitment to serving customers better. 2. Seeds of innovation As mentioned, today's consumers are well informed. With IoT, they have the world at their fingertips. From consumers of your creation, they've transformed to be potential collaborators of innovation. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to turn customer feedback into seeds of innovation. One of the benefits of consumer-driven innovation is they promote a sense of ownership. After all, following marketing personalisation, the next wave is likely to be customer participation in marketing activities. 3. Identify emerging trends It is impossible for you to keep abreast of everything in the lives of your target audience and category through formal research. However, it is important you do so. Social listening is a good way of keeping tabs of emerging trends of interest to your target audience. It's one of the best ways to detect yet to be articulated needs. 4. Make it easy for customers to express themselves Do not be afraid to listen to the voice of customers. If you make it difficult, you're only discouraging them from being heard. It's a huge opportunity cost you can ill afford in the present competitive marketing environment. Make it easy for them to share their thoughts and feelings. Be they negative or positive, use them as insights you would otherwise have to pay a high fee to procure. 5. Be sensitive to emotional undertones Market researchers know it best - it's not what customers say, it's how they say it. The latter speaks volumes of customers' feelings about your product or service. Pay close attention to the choice of words, the punctuation marks or the number of times a point is repeated. Good or bad, they capture the intensity of their thoughts and feelings. The voice of customers has grown louder. Advances in digital marketing have made it easier for them to be heard. Marketers must have this in their playbook and act on them. To learn how to use it, connect with us today.

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