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As technology envelops life, there is the fear that human empathy will disappear in business. With AI/ML leading the technology charge, the need for humans in customer engagement appears to be in decline. Will efficiency and effectiveness over-ride everything else in the engagement process? Danny Meyer, the founder of leading restaurants like Shake Shack, The Modern, Gramercy Tavern and Union Square Café, remarked technology "should be used to amplify your ability to use your heart”. In other words, technology should bring out the best in people, not displace them. Amidst the rapid technological advances as well as the accruing benefits, it may be difficult to see the role of people in the grand design. But let's examine the possibilities in this article. 1. Demonstrate empathy The soul-less brand is a real threat in the digital age. It can make brand-consumer relationships functional or transactional. Personalization in online advertising becomes a claim, not a reality. In light of this danger, demonstrating empathy can be a competitive edge. It places the human side of the enterprise upfront and centre again. Although a creative challenge, it is not unsurmountable. Using a series of videos to showcase the people and the values behind the creation of a product or service can do the job. 2. Truth well told 45% of a brand's social status is attributed to what it says and how it says it. Telling stories about your brand values works best. It can help demonstrate your brand's authenticity and sincerity - two fundamental human values. Communication technology has grown more versatile. There are various platforms you can use to tell your story - videos, podcasts, written content. The aim is to make them digestible, memorable and shareable. It has been said that brand storytelling holds the key to successful content marketing in the future. 3. Be responsive There are studies that have shown over 7 in 10 customers would not make a purchase in the absence of live support. It is a clear demonstration of the importance of dialogue, and not monologue in today's marketing environment. Your digital marketing strategy must incorporate elements of responsiveness. Like any communication between two people, silence or delayed response is a conversation killer. Avoid this! 4. Drive brand advocacy 9 in 10 consumers trust the opinions of their peers more than advertising. With the internet overflowing with products and promotions, making the right choice can be a difficult task. It doesn't help that some have fallen victims to scams or poor quality products. Investing in your brand's social currency, that is, what you would like people to say about it can be addressed with points 1 and 2 above. But you will need to work on facilitating the sharing. Creating communities of your loyalists who share common interests is one of the ways. Technology is a great enabler in humanizing marketing. Companies should use it to manifest the human qualities and values of their brands. To learn how to do it, speak to a consultant today. 1. 2. 1. 3. 4.

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