Digital is the future of marketing. Good luck billboards ????


If you're still wondering if a digital brand strategy will drive growth, you may be too late. A digital brand strategy isn't about the future; it is now essential until something else comes along. Unfortunately, not every small-medium sized business has fully embraced the concept. Some are struggling to get it right while others may be confused by the plethora of marketing technologies available out there. In the absence of the right technical assistance, even the best plan can go wrong. In this article, we share the pillars of a digital marketing strategy that can deliver its true promise - accelerate growth. 1. Set clearly defined goals A digital marketing strategy isn't a bag of magic dust. Don't expect to pull a rabbit out of the hat. You'll need to establish Key Performance Indicators to measure the progress and success of your digital marketing strategy. With these goals in full view, you'll be in a good position to set up the systems and processes to ensure they can be achieved. You'll be able to cut through the clutter of noise in the world of marketing technology. 2. Build an effective marketing funnel From outreach, convincing to conversion, a digital marketing strategy should be able to do all for you. Each step will require a different skillset and tools to enable you to perform them effectively. For example, in your attempt to influence, the quality of your content is critical. Anything less than authoritative and credible will likely not be taken seriously by your target audience. 3. What is effective content then? The simplest answer to this question is: what is your target audience looking for? They are looking for a solution to a problem or opportunity. Any content that provides them with this will be valuable. Having content for the sake of having it will undermine even the best digital marketing strategy. Small business marketing efforts tend to make this mistake. Its always quality over quantity. 4. Create a reservoir of content Digital marketing success requires sustained and consistent effort. It's never a one-hit-wonder. The digitally connected consumer is well informed and aware. And they are demanding too. They aren't likely to be swayed easily and quickly, contrary to popular belief. They need to be wined and dined by valuable content. To avoid scrambling for content, build a reservoir of it and release them at the appropriate time. 5. Be strategic and flexible In digital marketing, change happens fast. You need to embrace and adapt to face demand quickly. While this may not be a problem, it's ensuring you remain on a strategy that poses the greater challenge. Having a clear direction from the start helps. Do not jump onto the digital marketing bandwagon just because others are doing it. Be mindful of your industry and business to ensure you take the relevant steps. Digital marketing is exciting. It takes businesses to places they've never thought possible, for example, globally. But it has got to be carefully planned. Speak to us for your digital makeover.

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