How a bit of ad spend can skyrocket your socials


The term organic has become a badge of honour in social media marketing. Essentially, it suggests the use of unpaid social media posts to reach out to prospects as well as customers and seeing a return on investments. Although this remains a possibility, it's a steep climb. As a result, it might take a long while, if ever, for your posts to be noticed and paid attention to. We recommend you complement your social media activities with some amount of ad spend for these reasons. 1. Achieve effective results, faster With paid advertising, you'll able to set the parameters more precisely of the 4Ws critical in effective marketing communication - Who (target audience), What (what is the message and desired takeout), When (time of day or week to hit at them) and How (which social media platform works better). When these have been set right, you can expect to achieve effective results, faster. As a result, you'll approach social media marketing in a more strategic way. You'll be relying less on 'hope-for-the-best' or 'wait-and-see'. 2. Benefits can outweigh costs The cost of setting up your paid advertising campaign isn't overly prohibitive. And to add, it isn't difficult either. Help, be they tools or people with the experience and training, are readily available. From freelancers to specialised agencies, you can outsource the work if needed. While it may sound costly to engage them instead of doing-it-yourself, bear in mind there are other aspects of the business that require more of your time. To this end, treat paid advertising as an investment. 3. What gets measured, gets done! By virtue of you being able to be very targeted in your advertising parameters, it also means you can measure their relative effectiveness. In other words, you won't be groping in the dark and hoping for the best. You're unlikely to get it right the first time or all the time; what's more important is knowing where you've gone wrong and how you can fix it. Over time, you can expect greater precision and better results. Reach out today to learn more about paid advertising. Related Tag: Social Media Management Australia

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