Group Chat: Finding Your Target Audience On Social Media


Social media reach and the strength of its performance is a defining factor when considering where and how to place your marketing efforts. Usually, when defining your target audience as a brand, you need to consider the type of personality you represent as well as the range of products or services you offer. This way, you can speak directly to the demographic you are intending to reach with a message they can relate to, making them more likely to interact with your brand online. These interactions, in turn, lead to the development of brand loyalty and advocacy, and ultimately the purchase of your products or services. Identifying your specific target audience on social media is integral to reinforcing the relevance and effectiveness of your overall social media marketing management efforts – and reaping the rewards. There are several ways to do this. Idealising Your Core Audience If you don’t know what segment of the market qualifies as your audience, the first thing to do is to create an identity for your ideal consumer. Think about who your current customers are, what careers they may have, their age, income, and so on. These all form an outline of who your core audience would be. A varied amount of data can also be found by looking at the analytics of your pages as well as websites where applicable. This information should allow you to build on what you already know about your ideal audience. Discover Local Spaces Once you fully understand the dynamic characteristics of your audience, you need to learn their online movements and where they spend their time in the digital space. Whether present on a range of social media platforms or focused in a single space, your messaging needs to conveniently reach them where they are already active. Figuring out where your audience is spending their time will help you decide how to spread your forces and how focused you should be on each platform. It also makes it easier for them to engage with your brand, removing any barriers to interaction. Identify Competitors  When identifying and investigating audience leads, look at your competitors to see the breakdown of their engagement online. Competitors often give us the best case study example of what could happen within a space or audience. Looking at who’s responding to their posts and engaging with them can tell you how their marketing messages are received and by whom. This data helps to refine your own audience and improve your message delivery. Also, take note of what networks they’re active on, who their top followers are, what their engagement rate is, and what hashtags they use. An easy route to discovery in this way is to simply search for keywords that you’re targeting and see what competitors are showing up. Understand Online Presence In today’s world, an online presence is an important window into the thoughts of the individual. Posts, follows, and shares are often a representation of their core beliefs, and as such, will support a message that aligns with them. Not only can you learn more about how to engage with your active audience online, but you can also use this as a chance to create a digital community around your brand. Identifying and developing the right social media target audience for your brand is an essential step towards creating successful social media marketing management. If you’re unsure of which target audience will benefit your brand best on social media or if your current target audience seems to be falling short, contact the social media specialists at Social Status! Through in-depth market research and gaining an intimate understanding of your brand identity and overall business goals, we will identify and nurture the most profitable social media target audience possible. With us, you’ll have no problem creating marketing messages that resonate and sell. Follow us on Instagram today to see how we can elevate your brand on social media and reach the right prospects!

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