Top 5 Tips for Time-Efficient Social Media Management


Managing your social media accounts often seems like a chore; between running your business, fulfilling your customer obligations, and handling your finances and administration, social media marketing can seem like the furthest responsibility. Creating efficiencies for your social media marketing will ensure you're likely to stay consistent, and create better, shareable content for your audience. We share with you how to speed up your social media management, helping you utilise your time on better creation. Create posts in advance One of the most significant time delays in social media management is coming up with what to post. Taking photos, composing tweets, and filming videos on the fly can seem like an impossible task, especially with pressing issues in your busy operations. It’s not unreasonable to have a backlog of posts stored away for later use, as this avoids the need to reuse content all the time, or neglect posting consistency. Social media marketing experts swear by this technique, as it allows businesses to keep a consistent post schedule, as this is key for lead generation and follower engagement. Automate your posting Some business owners neglect their social media obligation simply because of high work demands, as they don’t have the time or memory to hit ‘publish’ on their post. Auto-publishing or scheduling is the social media marketing game-changer. With specific applications, a business owner can load months of posts in one day, allocating the exact time and date for the post to go live, and allowing the program to post it on their behalf. The value of this option is the ability to see your content as a whole before it’s published, allowing you to analyse the flow of content and timing of the posts. Focus on user-generated content If you’re not familiar with user-generated content, no doubt you’ve experienced or participated in it somehow before. Every time you post to social media and tag the brand or location in the post, you are creating content for the business. When a business uses this post on their feed, whether it be by retweeting, posting to the main feed or sharing on stories, the user-generated content is taking the content creation task away from the business. Essentially, you have someone creating the content for you, one that is highly valuable and better for lead generation than any regular post. Capitalising on user-generated content saves you time, and turn you into a better marketer. Create a content schedule Knowing when you are going to post, how often and with that type of content should help you to create reliable content quickly. A schedule removes the guesswork out of what you should be creating, and often allows businesses to create in bulk by using similar formatting, such as taking more photos at once photo shoot. Invest in help There is no shame in admitting the social media marketing side of the business isn’t within your time or skills capacity. Professional marketing services are commonly drawn upon to help navigate growing accounts, consistency demands, and better strategy development. Especially if social media marketing activities bring you little joy, this option can help to bridge the gap between what you need to do and what you can achieve. If help is something you need, contact us today to discuss how we can simplify your social media management today!

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