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What many business owners aren't aware of when they have content created for online marketing, is how integral this information is for their business being found by Google and other search engines, either organically or through paid searches. Having a clear marketing direction of what you are trying to achieve through your content, as well as specific ways to achieve this goal, is called a content marketing strategy.

Why is content marketing so important? It's often easy to be enticed by SEO companies promising overnight success to help boost your search engine rankings. Unfortunately, many of these companies use what is termed in digital marketing as "black hat" tactics with your online marketing to reach this goal (this refers to dishonest methods). When these are eventually uncovered by Google and other search engines through their algorithms, your business will be penalised. Often this means you won't be able to rank well in searches for a period of six months or more. Based on this, Google and other search engines now focus more heavily on content to rank businesses online, which is why having a targeted content marketing strategy is crucial to your online business success. How is a content marketing strategy created? There are several different elements that comprise a content marketing strategy, which are keyword research and planning, digital platform marketing, and relevant and targeted content. Keyword research and planning involves finding which words are more regularly used in online searches for the products or services you sell and embedding these naturally in the content flow. Digital platform marketing refers to distinguishing which platforms are most efficient for marketing your business, whether this is a website, blog, social media and/or email marketing. Ensuring your content is relevant and targeted is essential for user experience and ranking higher as it results in increased traffic to your site. Want to be found more easily online? Our digital marketing team can deliver complete online marketing solutions. Get in touch with us on 1800 776 740 to find out how we can boost your brand's social status! Recommended Reading:  Still not using social media for your business? You should be!

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