Damage control, when the ???? hits the fan on Social


Social media can be a terrific opportunity to promote your business. It's an increasingly popular way of interacting with both current and potential customers, of encouraging those who use you to spread the good news; or simply to remind people out there what you are up to. Ah - the sighs of quiet satisfaction, the glowing testimonies, the kind words, the sun gently cresting the hill each dawn to herald the perfect day. Or not. One reason why some businesses remain reluctant to fully engage is because it may not always be like that. This might occasionally be because that business doesn't operate in the right way, or treat its customers (or suppliers) with respect. But we know that this is not you. Equally, we're not talking here about those odd occasions where someone is being abusive for the sake of it, where their behaviour on social media - and it almost certainly won't just be with you - is completely unacceptable. That can be dealt with and such behaviour not tolerated. However, the question to consider is: what should you do about negative comments? Some businesses are worried that any negative comments could be harmful. This could well be true - if they are not responded to. A survey for a UK bank a while ago showed that people thought more of the company if they had a problem which was then handled with swift professionalism than if it had never occurred. Therefore, such comments provide a business with the chance to show that they are committed to putting things right, or engaging in a dialogue - in other words, putting customer service into action, rather than just telling the world that they believe in it! There's another point here that many companies forget to consider: when a complaint, or negative comments, is posted on social media, it's easy to assume that everyone who reads it either immediately agrees or takes it on board. Not so. If you treat your customers well, such comments give them a chance to jump to your defence, turning a single negative into a flood of positives. Therefore, one key to successful social media management is simply to practice quality customer service in all areas of contact! Of course, another terrific way to make the most of your social media opportunities is to get in touch with us on 1800 776 740 to find out how we can best boost your business' or brand's social status!

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