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We passionate about helping brands, teams & people with their corporate marketing training needs. Whether you’ve got an entire team dedicated to marketing, and need everyone working towards an aligned vision, or one person trying to do it all. Making sure they’re equipped with up-to-date social media knowledge, will help them kick goals with your social media and digital marketing. Get ready to build your brand awareness, increasing engagement & improve conversions!

Our customised social media training is ideal if you:

Have recently expanded your marketing team

Have hit the dreaded “rut” and need fresh ideas

Want to add new channels to your mix

Have a large following but low engagement

Or a smaller following & want more growth from your posts (instead of crickets chirping).

Need your franchises presenting a cohesive front

Are looking for that elusive point of difference


The challenge faced by all Australian businesses when incorporating 'best practice' digital marketing into their strategy? This industry moves so fast, it can be outdated the very day you implement a new platform or tactic.

So, what does this mean? You can have the most qualified human beings within your team, but they’re not hitting their full potential thanks to knowledge gaps. Gaps that can be so easily filled when you invest in regular team marketing training sessions, like the ones we deliver.

Some of the biggest impacts we make is via the team and corporate marketing training that we run. Because nothing sparks high-impact digital marketing change to any digital strategy, like a digital marketing deep-dive day, lead by our team of specialists.

We’ve worked with national organisations, brands, various government organisations, and SME’s doing exactly that. High-impact digital strategy transformation with marketing teams who prioritise and investing in upskilling in their specialist areas.


Social Media Marketing Accelerator

Welcome to the kind of social media marketing upskilling experience we’d wish upon every business owner and marketing professional.

We’re ready to empower you to build your growth-driving digital strategy, in our year-long social media marketing immersive. Combining learning, implementation and mentoring in this all-inclusive upskilling experience.

Spend 12 months building out your business growth-driving digital strategy. And literally implement it all, with us there to support you along the way.

Built with long-term and sustainable online growth in mind [and not a single vanity metric in sight, because the kind of feelings we catch are the ones that genuinely move the needle on the businesses we work with].

On-demand upskilling Via your own online learning dashboard where you can track your own progression and access learning at any time.

Spend 3 months per topic

4 strategy immersives over the 12 months.

Including topics that we’ve identified as driving

the most growth for any business

Monthly group coaching calls

As well as an option to purchase additional discounted 1:1 mentoring sessions

Tailored support

Custom worksheets and editable templates

Certificate of completion to show off

to anyone who'll listen

Invitation to an end of program event

Pandemic dependent. COME AWN, ‘rona


Social Media Management Basic Training

Course topics

Module 1: Estimation and defining your rates

Module 2: Advertising your services

Module 3: Monitoring your results

Module 4: Tools to use

Module 5: Client plan development

Module 6: Client retention

BONUS module: Developing a strategy for your clients

Paid Ads Bootcamp

Course topics

Module 1: Business manager and foundations.

Module 2: Strategic Approach to advertising

Module 3: Targeting like a pro

Module 4: Creative considerations

Module 5: It’s a set up

Module 6: Monitoring and optimising

Module 7: Making easy work of errors and common issues

Module 8: Level up your ads

Module 9: Reporting

Module 10: Wrap it up

Get in touch today, we can't wait to work with you!

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