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What do we mean? Well, one of our team overheard this conversation in a bar recently. The guy who answered looked a bit uncomfortable with the line of questioning. When his girlfriend (fiance?) arrived a couple of minutes later, we caught the desperate look in his eyes to his mate that said: 'just don't you dare!' When we were talking about this in the office, the conversation quickly switched to social media. Well, no matter the starting point, it always does. We quickly agreed that this is actually a pretty good analogy for how lots of businesses or brands feel about their social media marketing activities. Too many are sort-of engaged in it. This means that they don't pay attention to something as important as the frequency of posting or contact. Which is a bit like the guy who doesn't see his girlfriend for weeks, cancels a couple of dates, but does send her occasion bouquets of flowers! Likely to do more harm than good! A second example of semi-engagement is when the content isn't really of great interest to the people who should be the potential audience, all eager to hear what that company has to say. Back in the bar, it's the group you spot where one person is telling a story that's important to them, and the others are pretending to listen, while their eyes seek out a more interesting focus. Not, of course, that we spend all of our time in the bar! Social media is about being fully engaged with your audience, the equivalent of staring into each other's eyes and not knowing anyone else is in the room. It's about telling that great story that those who hear it are then keen to pass it on to others. Here's why it's a "must have" for your business! Our team know how to hit this spot, tell that story, establish such total contact. If that's what you want to achieve for your business, then get in touch with us on 1800 776 740 to find out how we can boost your brand's social status!

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