6 Types Of Marketing you need to get serious about in 2020


As a business owner, one of your goals for the year is undoubtedly to increase web traffic and sales. However, with the myriad of online advertising options available, it can be difficult deciding where to begin. Watch customer traffic and sales skyrocket by implementing these handy online advertising tips. #1 SEM advertising Search engine marketing (SEM) refers to paid advertising techniques. This tactic generates web traffic through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. While this method is very effective, you must adjust your strategy to suit your goals. Do you want more customer traffic? Or, do you want an increase in sales? Before choosing and paying for specific keywords, outline exactly what you want to achieve. To generate more traffic and sales, we recommend using high intent commercial keywords. These keywords are specifically targeted to match the customers' need at that moment (i.e. family law firms in Sydney). This approach increases traffic and sales from customers looking for your exact product/service. #2 SEO advertising Search engine optimised (SEO) advertising is one of the most effective ways to boost brand exposure and sales. Using SEO principles in your content increases exposure on search engines, leading to greater online traffic and higher profits. To create an SEO-friendly website, you should do two things - generate content using exact keywords people are searching for, and including these keywords in the title and body of your blog posts. #3 Email marketing By reaching out to potential and current customers on a regular basis, email marketing dramatically increases daily traffic. To keep customers engaged, however, you have to strike the right balance. A regular (i.e. fortnightly or monthly) email detailing new products, services and events will increase customer responsiveness. However, a bombardment of email updates will result in customer fatigue, and they will be far less likely to engage with, recommend or buy from your company. #4 Create shareable content To generate leads, you need more than a fantastic website. With the prevalence of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, many companies are creating shareable content to attract buyers. This can take many forms, such as: videos, webinars, blogs and more. Remember, though, that the content you share should do more than simply promote your website. It should also make a personal connection with your potential customers. This simple strategy can help you attract customers you may not have heard from otherwise. #5 Facebook marketing With billions of global users from all demographics, Facebook is a great advertising tool for small and large businesses. Facebook allows you to communicate directly with your target audience in an informal, friendly way. To increase customer responsiveness, you can target your audience based on demographic information like age, gender and location, along with more advanced information like behaviours and interests. #6 Instagram marketing With over 800 million active users, Instagram is a very popular online advertising platform. It involves posting sponsored content on the social platform to reach a large target audience. As a visual platform, Instagram advertising is mainly composed of images or videos. A major benefit of advertising on this site is it uses Facebook's demographic information to post targeted ads to relevant customer groups. Are you ready to increase leads and customer retention? To see your business excel in 2020, call or email the friendly team at Social Status today.

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