5 x 2020 Marketing Trends to stay with the times


Getting the most out of your social media marketing is absolutely impossible without content. Great content. But as time goes on in any area, let alone online marketing and the ultra-fresh and ever more trendy world of social media, old trends end and new ones begin. So as 2019 becomes a mere memory and we look excitedly into a brand new year, let's take a look at some of the content marketing trends that are sure to turn our heads in 2020. 1. Live streaming In the latter half of 2019, it was impossible to miss the fact that live streaming was a major hit. We're talking services including YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Snapchat and now even the ever more popular Instagram, which was perfect for off-the-cuff conversations with your followers, launches and more. 2. VR Just as we were preparing our New Year's Eve festivities, all the chatter about what the next big thing in the digital realm would be was about virtual reality. In fact, some companies are already using VR to show off products, even though at the moment the technology is quite expensive. But it's undoubtedly going to be a big mover of 2020, so that in the not too distant future, small to medium-sized businesses can be easily using it, too. 3. Reels No, we're not talking about Snapchat or Instagram Stories. Rather, we mean that as the 2020-esque consumer becomes ever savvier, great content marketing requires truly compelling content. No longer will a bland social media update or blog post be enough - you'll need to tell your audience truly engaging stories. 4. New advertising The popularity, effectiveness and widespread use of ad-blockers means that digital marketers need to be smarter and smarter about advertising. In short, your audience doesn't mind some form of advertising, because they understand that nothing is for free. But native advertising will have to become more prevalent, with some companies already embracing the idea of using ads to actually engage more deeply with their customers and polish the brand. 5. Mobile first Just a few ticks ago of that fast-moving digital clock, it was about making content 'mobile friendly'. But for 2020, the time has arrived for content to be 'mobile first' - meaning it is specifically designed for the absolutely widespread use of mobile devices and tablets. This is just a snapshot of where we think content marketing is heading for 2020. If you want to find out how we can boost your brand's Social Status, get in touch on 1800 776 740.

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