4 Reasons Why Social Media is Your Business’ Best Friend


Social media is the modern way to keep in touch, whether brand or individual. Networking in this way has become a staple across the world, ensuring that these platforms have a global reach that your organisation can harness for its digital marketing efforts. As the best way for your business to engage with its target audience and expand its reach and recognition online, these digital spaces have become your new best, brand-growing friend. To put this into perspective, our social media management specialists have broken down how social media can benefit your business and brand in several seductive ways. Personalise The Relationship The platforms available to brands these days are apart from the traditional ideas of marketing. They revolve around starting a relevant and meaningful two-way conversation between consumer and brand, rather than delivering a disruptive, overt advert. Social networking is all about interactions, and as such, helps to humanise a brand and build relationships within your community. Having a reliable, authentic connection to and feedback between the audience and the business itself online is a direct path to a loyal, satisfied customer base. Gain Valuable Insights  Consumers themselves are the best source of information when looking to develop your product range or brand offering. As your actively engaging market, they are the ones who know best where your brand excels and where it may falter. As these dynamic platforms allow for a quick feedback and review cycle – if something does not work, a user is likely to let you know on a social media platform. Their feedback can offer valuable insights into the perceptions of your brand, as well as your potential customer’s preferences and buying behaviour. This data must be used strategically to ensure the best performance and sales conversions throughout these platforms. Inspire Lucrative Loyalty When they like you, they are loyal to you. It is something we see in almost every team dynamic, and your brand is another team to stand behind proudly. When you have a strong presence on social media platforms, you are more approachable in the eyes of your market. If you can achieve personal, genuine relationships within a community, consumers will be less likely to want to move away from your offerings. Inspiring loyalty is, in a sense, what all marketing hopes to achieve. Fullspeed Traffic Arguably the primary goal of digital marketing is sending users to your website to convert into sales. Having a strong presence on these platforms ensures that you can showcase your prowess as a brand, and therefore direct more traffic to, your brand’s website. As your presence grows, so do the opportunities for sales and interactions. Not only can it directly drive traffic to a page, but it also improves organic ranking on Google, which ensures an increase in quality traffic and conversion rates. External links, site visits, selected keywords, and website content have an impact on how well you perform against the competing brands in the digital space. Social media can be a highly effective tool in today’s modern marketing age. It is where your current and potential customers are and where you need to be to engage them and grow your business online. Taking full advantage of the opportunities it provides is a sure-fire way to improve your sales and brand awareness. However, leveraging social media to enjoy immediate results that directly benefit your bottom-line is best done through social media specialists, such as those at Social Status. Contact us for professional insights into how social marketing services can revolutionise your online revenue!

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